Don’t we have this backwards?

I took my car in to an ‘Amish mechanic’ last week–actually an established alternator and starter repair outfit run by a white-bearded Amishman and two other Amish guys.

I’m pretty dumb when it comes to cars.

But it still seemed kind of weird when the teenage Amish kid who works there started telling me things about my engine and I had no clue what he was talking about.

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    1. Natalya (talj)

      I hope they get it fixed for you! Sounds like they know what they are doing! :o)

    2. Erika From

      i am a new reader iso an amish furniture maker to make some class room desks for a walforf school in the oc…would you could you connect me to one?
      thanks so much

    3. hi Erika

      would love to help and may have sb in mind but what is your location more or less (state)? Might be somebody in Ohio or here in PA

    4. Erika From

      orange county cal.
      about 45 miles south of los angels.


    5. Amish-made desks in Ohio

      Hi Erika I’ve passed on a message to an Amish friend with a big, well-known shop in Ohio who’s been making furniture for many years now. If you would like, why don’t you email me at so we can correspond about it that way. I am waiting for his response which won’t be till after the weekend but hopefully we could find something that would work for you.


    6. Rick

      While visiting Lancaster just before Labor Day, I had a dead battery while at a yard sale. Luckily Pequea Alternator, an Amish shop, was about 3 houses away. The man and his young son rode their scooters, with a battery and jumper cables, back to my car and got me going again. At his shop, he tested my battery and determined it was dead. He didn’t have the right replacement and neither did any of his distributors that he called. He was able to get me on my way to an English store though, and for that I will be ever grateful.

    7. Rick,

      Great story. The folks that run Pequea are nice people. A fairly uncommon business in the Amish community (though not the only one of its kind!).