The Amish and photos and bending the rules

Mike Fisher, who was raised Amish until the age of nine, has a couple of photos up on his blog of he, his brothers and his father dating to the time when they belonged to an Amish church.

Interesting to see.  It raises the question of just how many Amish homes have those illicit photos tucked away in the backs of drawers? 

In a larger context, I often wonder how often the rules ‘get bent’ in Amish society.  Sometimes you see evidence of it. 

Certain Amish acquaintances come to mind–for this particular farm family, the milkman actually shows up to collect milk when it’s technically still Sunday night, rather than in the wee hours of Monday morn…

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    1. I would suspect there is more rule bending than anyone will admit!

    2. You just might be right about that michelle–it is interesting to hear what the Amish share when you find someone that will speak candidly about things like movies they’ve seen, television and cars, to name a few–a lot of this is attributable to Rumspringa-age behavior of course–but it’s just a reminder that the Amish like any humans have a natural inclination to enjoy some of the same things that non-Amish do.

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