South America

Old Colony Mennonites

Old Colony Mennonites

Stephen Scott on the Old Colony Mennonites: People known as Old Colony Mennonites occupy large tracts in the state of Chihuahua near Cuatemoc and Casas Grandes and in Durango. These German-speaking people emigrated from Manitoba and Saskatchewan in western Canada in the 1920s. They came to North America in the 1870s from Russia.  The name, “Old Colony,” derives from their origin at Chortitza, the oldest…


Old Colony Mennonite School

A few more photos from Jordi Busque, this time of an Old Colony Mennonite school Jordi visited while in Bolivia. Mennonites are a diverse group. They include everyone from “modern” Mennonites who live in cities and have professional careers, to Old Order Mennonites and Old Colony Mennonites, who live Plain agrarian lifestyles with limited technology in many cases.

Amish in the Jungle?

A link (no longer online) to some nice photos of Anabaptist-related peoples in South America, by Jordi Busque. Jordi says that the family in An Amish family in the jungle moved to Bolivia from Tennessee in the mid-90’s.  Apparently they identify themselves as Amish, and Jordi adds that there is another family like them, about an hour’s walk away. Is this family in fellowship with…