Local NC station Fox8 recently did a “foodie report” on the Amish-owned Shiloh General Store, a popular destination in the Tar Heel State.

The video below includes some nice comments from brother and sister Mark and Delilah Graber, who work at the store with their parents and five other siblings.

They talk about baking sourdough bread and their most popular items, donuts, which they only make on Saturdays. “Well it’s too much work to do it everyday,” explains Mark. The donuts typically sell out in hours.

This is a New Order Amish community. Amish from those churches tend to be more permissive of the camera. Usually this settlement is referred to as Union Grove, although the store is technically closer to Hamptonville.

The report gets a detail or two wrong (this community was founded in the mid-1980s, not the late 1990s), but it’s a nice look at probably the best-known business of the state’s two Amish communities.

“We’re definitely not professionals,’ admits Delilah, “but people seem to like it anyway.”

I last visited the Union Grove settlement and Shiloh General Store in 2014. More on that trip, including another local Amish business (Wholesome Country Creamery), here.

Amish-made cheese

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