Well, not exactly like the Amish, if you’re ordering online. But I still wanted to draw your attention to Shetler’s Wholesale, a business based in Indiana with a long history of selling household goods to Amish via traditional catalogs. “Wholesale” is in the name, but they sell retail to individuals. They have now launched an online store, as of about three weeks ago.

I would describe Shetler’s as similar to Lehman’s, but more oriented to an Amish clientele. You can notice this when browsing their physical catalog. The online site looks like it is still being completed right now. They mostly have kitchen utensils available, with other menu categories waiting to be filled out.

Here are a few of the things you’ll find at the web store.

A snap-on covered cake pan:

A four-pack of dish cloths:

Drip coffee maker:

I share this with you because people often ask about good places to purchase the types of products used by the Amish. I frequently recommend visiting variety stores and the like. But if you can’t make it out to an Amish community, you can always order online or via mail from a source like this.

Shetler’s has been selling to the Amish for years. You can view an assortment of old catalog covers at the site. Below is the 2013 cover. Notice the 10% NEWLYWED DISCOUNT, valid for the first year of marriage, something sure to appeal to young Amish couples.

The physical business is based in Geneva, Indiana, in the large Adams County Swiss Amish community. Kevin Williams visited the bricks-and-mortar store in 2019, and did a post on some things he found there. You can find them here:

Shetler’s Wholesale
630 High St
Geneva, IN 46740

When the online store is more complete, I might do another post on other interesting things they have for sale. Something to keep an eye on in the meantime.

For right now, the best way to see their full offering is to do as the Amish do and get their physical catalog. Or, you can download a pdf file of the 2019 catalog here. Given that it’s dated to last year, you’ll probably want to confirm the prices when you order.

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