A look today at an Amish candle business I visited in Holmes County last month. Sunset View Candles & Such is a little shop sitting a stone’s throw from the Amish owner’s front door, typical of shops like this.

There was a buggy parked outside when I pulled up, and one customer in the shop when I dropped in, speaking with who I assumed was the proprietor, a middle-aged Amish lady.

Inside, the store has the common layout of several aisles of products in a simple setting with concrete floors and austere metal siding for the walls and ceiling.

Here are the rows of candles, with dozens of scents, including Gooseberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Bayberry and many more:

The “and such” covered a range of other items, and while I didn’t take a super-close look (spent most of my time in the candle aisle), it had a variety store feel, with things like toys and useful home items.

This shop sells candles, but that’s not what it uses for illumination. Here’s a shot of the ceiling gas lighting you often see in Amish shops, along with the natural version coming in the window on this wintry Thursday afternoon.

You can see the metal heat shield protecting the ceiling and the double mantles which glow brightly when the gas is lit, generating considerable light and heat:

After perusing the aisle I eventually settled on a “French Toast Maple Syrup” candle. There were actually two types of the “maple” variety, I believe the second was “Maple Sugar”. It really has a nice maple smell, at least unlit.

Here’s the business card and contact info for Sunset View:

Sunset View Candles & Such
Mary Wengerd
9078 TR 656
Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627

If you get a chance to visit, or you have another favorite Amish “candles & such” shop, let us know about it!

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