Lydia Stoltzfus Shares Her Scrap Quilts (Video)

Here’s a video from Daniel Stoltzfus, of his wife Lydia discussing and sharing some of her scrap quilts. They are not in an Old Order Amish church, but grew up in one. I always love hearing this accent.

Daniel and Lydia are parents to Lillian Stoltzfus, who passed away this summer at age 46. You can see Lillian in this video as well. At the end Lydia shares Lillian’s books Lydia’s Bonnet and Speaking Amish.

Lydia is such a bubbly and optimistic presence. She must be a real hoot to be around. Lydia mentions that she was previously a tour guide, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. She’d made 9 quilts since she was laid off from that job. This was filmed in March, in the early stages of coronavirus. “Don’t worry, God’s gonna take care of us,” Lydia assures us at the end.

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    1. Lydia Stoltzfus Shares Her Scrap Quilts

      Was that Lillian Stoltzfus on the laptop? Hard to miss her, but love the contrast & incongruity.

    2. Guest


      What a lovely and chipper lady and such excellent quilts. I love her high energy and natural talent for performance. The digression about terrible death at the end would be funny if only the daughter had not gone, since.

      That’s a nice look at this family, thank you. My sympathy and prayers for them, losing their daughter.

    3. Cass Maguire


      First and foremost, my heart goes out to Lillian’s wonderful parents. Lydia put a smile on my face. I need a Lydia in my life. I could learn a lot from her for sure, with her talent and positive, care free attitude. Lillian and Lydia was/is very talented and beautiful people. I would love to meet Lydia one day. May God bless her and her husband, and keep them safe from the Covid 19 virus. Thank you for sharing this video.
      ~Hugs~ to you both.

    4. Cynthia Bliss

      How to contact Lydia Stoltzfus

      Can you please tell me how to contact Lydia Stoltzfus?

      1. I don’t have a contact – but you might try to message her husband via Youtube at the video link?

    5. June

      Lydia S

      What a delightful family they are. I was sorry to hear of their daughter’s passing a few months back. It’s so wonderful though to get a glimpse of their life. The quilts really are inspiring me to try that design. And to try to purchase their books. I’m sure the Covid affected a lot of the Amish wages too. They are probably better equipped to handle these sort of things than we English are. Wish I could sit in their home cutting out squares and learning to sew with her. Listening to her all day.God Bless and Keep them in His care.