This Amish farm property in Newark Valley, New York has only a handful of interior photos, but caught my attention for several reasons. The first thing was this sign out front:

I’ve noted before how the Amish typically do not use the word “Amish” in their marketing. But in a recent video on the subject I pointed out that you might still see it in some cases. And here we have a good example of a family in a quite plain church who are fine with it.

And here we have the shop itself:

The property description:

This 26+ acre farm is located in Newark Valley on State Route 38 directly across from the Newark Valley High School. This operating Amish farm includes a two story farmhouse, large milking barn, sheds, and a workshop. The home includes a large additional built-on to the original farmhouse to accommodate the current owners.

The first floor includes an open floor plan with a big kitchen and finished bedroom. Upstairs includes several additional rooms currently being utilized as bedrooms. There is a functional well on the property as well as electric to the house and workshop. The property has access from State Route 38 as well as Tappan Road.

The acreage consists primarily of open ground with Owego Creek meandering through the land providing a year-round water source for livestock. The open ground consists of two level fields with favorable soils that would be excellent for growing crops or grazing livestock. This is a diverse property offering a great opportunity to start a farm of your own.

This part appears to be the original home with the green portion behind it being the add-on referenced above.

There are literally only three photos from the interior, unusual for such listings (usually there are at least two dozen). Here we see the kitchen table and simple wood flooring.

The home is said to have three bedrooms and one bathroom. In this photo we see a bed in the background, and a quilt rack in the foreground.  Blue trimmed windows

Zooming in a bit:

And another view of a different section of the home.

These photos tells us more about which church group this is: white buggies are a sign of the Nebraska Amish, a group originating in central Pennsylvania.

This is one of the plainer groups overall. Note that the front of the buggy is open and the lanterns used for nighttime illumination.

Tioga County has three communities; two are in the vicinity of Newark Valley. Both were started in the past five years and remain small in size, probably just a half-dozen or so households each. So I wonder if this sale is a sign of a fledgling community on the way to disappearing.

The traditional blue trim extends to the milk house:

This appears to be where the original home meets the Amish add-on, which includes a long porch. The exterior, like the interior and other buildings on this property, have a characteristic rough and plain look.

Barn and fenced-in area:

Two images showing the property layout, with the river dividing the two sections:

So what’s the price on this property?

The property is available for $269,900. Listed by James Wilson (607-844-9690) of Landquest (via Cortland MLS).

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