“Hot water is wood fire”: Plain 5-Bedroom Amish Home For Sale (10 Photos)

Though this home has a Pennsylvania address, I would hazard to guess it is actually part of the community in Ashtabula County, Ohio, lying in the vicinity of Conneaut and Pierpont. The address happens to be a mere stone’s throw from the Ohio border. Here’s the Zillow description from which I got the title of this post:

Large Amish built home with huge front porch! Sitting on nearly 10 acres, this property features 2 large barns and a fenced pasture. The first floor showcases an open layout while the unfinished second floor is a blank canvas for a home with up to 7 bedrooms. House has no electric. Hot water is wood fire.

So it seems to be a pretty plain place with unfinished sections which seems to be fairly common in Amish homes, at least in the plainer ones. There aren’t a ton of photos with this listing, which went up about two weeks ago, but let’s have a look.

The living room area has that classic cozy Amish look, similar to other homes we’ve viewed here. I’m not exactly sure which group this is (having a look at the buggy might help with that, but it’s not really visible in these photos). But you can see the plainer decor and home items – oil lamps, hickory rocker, light blue painted doors – common in traditional Amish homes.

Zooming in a bit in this room:

Next is the kitchen. Also looks like a classic Amish kitchen. One detail not immediately noticeable are the wheels on the table legs and what appears to be a fifth central support leg. Shiny reflective ceiling, as is also typical.

Here’s a corner with a little sink, I believe there is a water hookup there. However there are no bathrooms listed in this home.

We’ve also got shots of the two barns. You can just see the buggy shafts resting on the ground through the entrance here:

The home is 2,280 square feet. With so few photos, the look inside is pretty limited and we don’t see any of the bedrooms nor the second “blank canvas” floor. The setting of the property, at least what I can tell by these photos, is very appealing though. The asking price of this home?

It’s on the market for $179,900 (listed by PJ Albrecht and Harry Latta of Agresti Real Estate).

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    1. Debrah Herron

      Hot water is wood fire.

      I love this place. I would have no problem leaving it “as is” but I have asthma and can’t be around any kind of smoke. I would need a bathroom which can be arranged. I would love to get a horse and buggy since I need knee surgery and cannot get up on a horse any more. oh well, a 66 year old woman can dream.

    2. J.O.B.

      I like this one a lot. There will be lots of snow in this area come winter. Backs up into game land?

      And yes. As soon as you leave the driveway you are in Ohio! It’s right there. I’m dreaming too.

    3. Just missing a letter.

      Hot water is wood fired makes more sense.