Amish Waiting

Taken in Wayne County, Ohio.  Many Amish hire “taxis”; some, when available, ride buses or trains.

There is, of course, a third transport option for Amish: they feed you, you drive them.  I have been participating in this for some time now.  But I only recently learned the (un)official name of this Amish-English program: “Meals for Wheels”.

This photo reminds me of waiting on a ride when I was a young man.  Of course, once you get that license, waiting around is for the birds (so a teen thinks, at least).

This also made me think about how little we tolerate waiting nowadays, when everything is deliverable overnight, or better, downloaded instantly.  And with plastic in hand, we don’t even need to wait to save up the money.

How often do you exercise your patience muscle?


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