PA Amish Contractor Cited For State’s First “Non-Essential” Violation

An Amish roofing contractor last week became the first business in Pennsylvania to be cited for violating the order “barring the continuation of non-life-sustaining operations.” From Penn Live:

According to state police, Middle Creek Roofing based in Millcreek Township, Lebanon County, had twice been warned following numerous anonymous complaints. A trooper arrived at the business again at about 8 a.m. Thursday.

While there, the trooper was told about a training meeting in which nine people, including the owner and a trainer from out of state, were in close proximity to one another without personal protective equipment.

“It was further learned that the issue had been addressed with the owner by current employees who were concerned about their personal health after a similar training meeting occurred the previous day,” the police report reads.

Owner Ben Lapp, when called for comment by PennLive, initially said the citation was issued in error because his business was exempt from the governor’s order. He provided a letter via Wolf and Health Secretary Rachel Levine that stated that “construction may currently continue to the extent necessary to stabilize the site, temporarily prevent weather damage and make emergency repairs.”

That letter, however, did not explicitly allow for training activities.

Up until Thursday, PA state police had dispensed 279 warnings to businesses. This was the first citation issued in the state. Lapp could face a fine ranging from $25 to $300, plus court costs.

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