Amish sunday church buggies

Here are a few photos from this past Sunday in Wayne County, Ohio.  One of my favorite times to travel through Amish settlements is about an hour before church begins, around 8am (or 7am ‘slow time’ as the Amish tend to go by slow time year round with regards to church, singings, etc, meaning church would start at 9am during daylight savings) as church members are gathering for Sunday service.

Amish churchgoers
Many Amish, especially those who live in the more densely populated, smaller districts, walk to church.

Amish buggies on way to church

The buggy is of course the other common option.  Getting a ride to church from an English person would in most groups be frowned upon.  That said, I gave a ride to a New Order couple this past Sunday–though that was actually to Sunday school, not the regular service.  I’m not sure how typical Amish from the New Order would view getting a ride to Sunday service itself.

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