A couple quick observations from Lancaster County:

I recalled today how Amish usually try to switch to English whenever English people are around.  I was talking to an Amish guy today and one of his friends walked up to ask for help working on the school playground.  Obviously the most comfortable tongue would be PA Dutch, but, seeing I was there, he chose to speak in English.

I also noticed some of the peculiar turns of phrase the Amish sometimes use.  When the guy I was talking to expressed his willingness to help out, he used the phrase ‘just let yourself be heard’.  He actually used the same phrase three times.  I imagine it may be one of those quirky language things that come from a rough translation.

It’s also funny to see Amish in their after-hours clothes.  I talked to one guy today who was wearing boxers and a t-shirt.  Yesterday another young Amish father, decked out in sports shorts and a tee, told me about how he loved skiing and snowboarding.

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