Name that Amish community (#2)

How about another edition of “Name that Amish community“.

Can you tell where these 3 photos were taken? (UPDATE note: each is from a different settlement)

Photo 1:

amish community one


Photo 2:

amish community two


Photo 3:

amish community three

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    1. Karen Miller

      I’d guess Dover Delaware 😀

    2. Carolyn K

      Somewhere beautiful that I would like to live.

      1. Sharon R

        Name the Amish community #2

        YES, agree, a beautiful place to live!!!

        So, on naming the community—from the limited visits I’ve made to Amish country — I’m going to GUESS maybe, Paradise, PA, or Bird-in-Hand, PA???? And of course, the phone number on the last one didn’t help — no area code. Plus the 1st photo, the sign was not totally visiable, either (ha)….The 2nd photo, of corn field, reminded me of the corn maze, we saw in Paradise, PA. and the early morning fog, also, reminded me of Smoketown, PA, where we stayed.

        I give up, where are these photos taken?? Sharon R

      2. I’d say DITTO to Carolyn’s comment. 🙂

    3. Betty Hamilton

      Is is Illinois?
      Isn’t is wonderful how neat and clean the Amish keep their properties? I love traveling around the US by car and the Amish communities always impress me. The are always so well kept.

    4. Marilyn from New York

      I have no idea where that is but it is beautiful. But seeing I am from New York, I will say that the picture is from my home state. Maybe upstate or over on the east lower east side of New York STate.

    5. 3 different communities

      Just to clarify–each photo is from a different community.

      And I’ve made sure there is a little clue in each shot 🙂

    6. Photo #1 – Big Valley, Belleville, PA

      Photo #2 – Ohio

      Photo #3 – New York

    7. Sharyn Ecker

      Photo 1 I don’t know ? Ohio
      Photo 2 Indiana somewhere ,only state that requires plates on buggies
      Photo 3 British Columbia from the phone number

    8. Alecia

      Amish communities

      #1 has got to be Lancaster Cty. I have been past the sign on my back road rides besides the house and surroundings are just Lancaster.

      #2 I am also guessing Indiana somewhere.

      #3 I have no idea.

    9. Alice Aber


      Just my guesses, I really have no clue, LOL.

    10. Bridget

      My guesses:

      1: Arthur, IL
      2: Adams or Allen Counties, IN
      3. Dover, DE

    11. Christina

      I’ll take a stab at it…

      1) No clue, but the picture is beautiful!
      2) Allen County Indiana (definitely Swiss Amish)
      3) Dover, DE

    12. Sharyn Ecker

      upon further research photo 3 could be either Dover DE or British Columbia .

    13. Dena

      No idea where these are but want to buy that farm!!

    14. Al in Ky.

      1. Lagrange County, Ind.

      2. Allen County, Ind.

      3. Dover, Delaware

    15. kerry

      I’d guess…

      1. Ohio, possibly Wayne County
      2. Indiana, Berne area or Allen County
      3. unsure – could be Delaware or New York, but my first thought was Michigan

    16. Rose

      what's this Amish Community #2

      This 3rd picture with the sale sign looks like in Mio, Michigan, but no it’s not Lol (^_^)

    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Sharyn Ecker; British Columbia has an Amish population, I did not know this. You learn something every day, eh. Thanks for that!

    18. Naomi

      Here’s my guess, but I am building on what others have said.

      #1 Definitely has that polished Lancaster look.

      #2 Indiana

      #3 Mississippi

    19. Sharyn Ecker

      SHOM , I dont know if they do I did a search on the Realtor and the phone number prefix and it came up British Columbia .

    20. Matthew

      My guesses...

      1. Nappannee, IN
      2. Berne, IN
      3. Almyer, Ontario, BC

    21. Betsy (from Delaware)

      Amish Community

      Okay Eric, fess it!?! lol Where are they?

    22. Alice Mary

      Uh, open buggies with triangles (second photo)—my guess is Indiana.

      Others also seem to be in “flatlands”…firscould be Illinois (Arthur),and since I didn’t do a phone number search, I’d go with those who did and guess British columbia.

    23. Correct Answers

      All the right responses were mentioned but no one got all three in the same reply though some were pretty close (;

      1Nappanee IN-the clue here was the sign, with a B and the very beginning of a u–for Burkholder a characteristic Nappanee Amish name. Also appearance of the farmhouses

      2 Adams Co (Berne) IN-the open top buggies and the license plates were giveaways that this was probably one of the Indiana Swiss Amish settlements

      3 Dover DE-main clue here was the for sale sign. Many Amish moving away from Dover past few years which we’ve discussed on some Dover Amish posts this year

      In Canada Old Order Amish are only found in Ontario. There was an attempt to settle BC but didn’t work out.