Michigan Amish

Michigan is home to the sixth-largest Amish population

michigan amishMichigan has a long history of Amish settlement, with the first Amish settling in the Great Lakes State in 1895.  Today Michigan’s Amish population numbers approximately 11,000.

Michigan’s 86 Amish church districts are scattered over 35 settlements, from Hillsdale and Branch Counties in the south, to Mackinac County in the Upper Peninsula.

Amish communities in Michigan include:

  • Centreville, St. Joseph County-The Centreville community is the oldest and largest in the state.  Around 1,500 Amish live here
  • Quincy-Quincy is a Swiss Amish settlement of about 150 households
  • Branch County-Branch County is home to 5 distinct Amish communities
  • Hillsdale County-home to 2 settlements, including at Camden
  • Mio, Oscoda County-Mio is today home to a small settlement, and once was home to a community that lasted 50 years
  • Upper Peninsula-a single Amish community exists in Mackinac County

The Centreville Amish settlement is Michigan’s oldest and largest

The Amish community at Centreville in St. Joseph County (founded 1910) is the oldest and largest in Michigan.

michigan amish children
Amish children in Michigan pause during a chilly walk to school

Consisting of 11 church districts (roughly 1,500 individuals), this settlement has been in existence 100  years.  The Centreville Amish community was founded by families from the Swiss Amish communities in Adams and Allen counties in Indiana.

The Swiss Amish, an Old Order ethnic subgroup, are distinct from Pennsylvania German-ethnicity Amish.

Swiss Amish speak a different German dialect, are typically more conservative when it comes to technology, and tend to marry only within Swiss circles.  Many Swiss Amish also practice yodeling, permit only open-top carriages, and mark graves with wooden stakes rather than gravestones.

Later, these Swiss settlers to Centreville were joined by PA German-ethnicity Amish from Lagrange County to the south.  Today’s community is comprised of descendants from these two distinct Amish ethnic groups.

Today, Centreville has ties with the much larger Amish settlement at Lagrange and Elkhart Counties, just south of the border in Indiana.  Churches in the two communities are in fellowship with one another.  Amishmen from the Centreville community travel daily to work in the region’s RV factories, returning home to Michigan at the end of their shifts.

michigan amish boats
Higher incomes from business and factory work has led to changes in Amish lifestyles. Public boat launch in Centreville, MI

With increasing ties to the world has also come increasing technological change.  Karen Johnson-Weiner notes this change in Train Up a Child: Old Order Amish and Mennonite Schools. Amish in the Centreville community have accepted phones to a greater degree, allowing them in phone booths and in some businesses.  Additionally, bicycles have been allowed in some church districts, as well as rubber tires on large wagons.

Johnson-Weiner notes further ties in education between the two communities, with female teachers from Centreville teaching and living in the Elkhart/Lagrange settlement, and returning home for the weekend.

Centreville Amish, in addition to working in the RV factories to the south, contribute to Michigan’s economy as well.  Some Centerville Amish operate dairy farms.  Others run small businesses such as furniture, fabric, and vinyl shops (read more about Michigan Amish furniture businesses).  As the largest Amish settlement in Michigan, Centreville also has a modest tourist industry.

Five distinct Amish settlements in Branch County

Branch County is home to 5 distinct Amish settlements, making it one of the most heavily-settled parts of Michigan.  Amish communities can be found at Quincy (1977, 6 districts), Bronson (1971, 1 district), Reading/Hillsdale (1979, 2 districts), Coldwater/Kinderhook (2004, 1 district),  and in California Township (1960, 5 districts).

michigan amish rugs
Amish in Camden produce simple rugs

One of the settlements, that of Quincy, is a Swiss Amish settlement, founded by Amish from Norfolk, New York (with roots in the large Swiss Amish community in Allen County, Indiana).  Quincy is at present the second-largest Amish settlement in Michigan, and with 6 church districts has an Amish population of roughly 800.

Another of the Branch County communities, that of Reading/Hillsdale, in fact takes in part of neighboring Hillsdale County as well.  Hillsdale for its part has an additional two Amish communities, at Osseo and Pittsford (1997, 2 districts),  and the Swiss-roots settlement at Camden (1956, 4 districts).

Mio, site of present and past Amish settlement

One of the older Michigan Amish settlements is found at Mio in Oscoda County.  This community of 3 church districts was founded in 1970.  However, Amish had previously lived at Mio for over half a century.  The original Amish community at Mio was founded in 1900 by Amish from Geauga County, Ohio.

These pioneer farmers to the region settled on land formerly covered by thick forests.  Amish historian David Luthy notes that local land agents attracted both Old Order Amish and more progressive Amish-Mennonites to the region through advertisements in the widely-read Sugarcreek Budget newspaper.  Luthy states that their efforts met with great success: “Few, if any settlements grew as rapidly as did the one in Oscoda County” (Settlements that Failed, Luthy, p184).

michigan amish horses
Amish farmers rely on old-fashioned horsepower. Mio, Michigan

Mio did in fact grow quickly, with over fifty Old Order Amish families arriving in the first five years, attracted by the inexpensive, unimproved land.  To begin farming in this region, farmers had to clear their acres of the many stumps that remained from logging.  But those that did were rewarded, and the inexpensive land prices ($2-5/acre) tempted many to migrate to this heretofore little-settled area of north-central Michigan.

As Mio is located in the upper latitudes of Michigan, the settlement’s farmers dealt with a shorter growing season.  However, Amish settlers saw positives in the extreme winters, Luthy reports.  The Mio Amish “preferred this to the constant thawing as was the case in more southern parts of the state.  They felt their winter was healthier and nicer, and they enjoyed using a sleigh instead of a buggy” (Settlements that Failed, Luthy, p185).  Mio Amish farmers prospered, enjoying bumper crops on the formerly wooded Oscoda County land.  Amish raised clover, hay, peas, corn, potatoes, buckwheat, and other crops.

michigan amish barn
An Amish barn in Oscoda County

Eventually, the Old Order community began to go into decline.  Part of the reason was that Old Order church members began joining the more progressive Amish-Mennonite congregation which had originally accompanied them to the region.

As the competing Mennonite church grew, Old Order Amish moved away or adopted more technological innovations, such as tractors.  The Mio community went extinct as an Old Order Amish settlement with the death of the last remaining bishop in 1954.

Sixteen years later, a new group of Amish would settle here, founding what is today Michigan’s fourth-oldest Amish community.  These settlers, coincidentally, also came from Geauga County, Ohio, and later included Amish from northern Indiana.  The present-day Mio community has seen nothing like the growth of the original one, however, with a population of just 400 individuals after 40 years of existence.

Amish in the Upper Peninsula

Since 2008, an Amish settlement has existed in Mackinac County in the Upper Peninsula.  This is the only Amish settlement located in the UP.

Previously, however, an Amish settlement did exist in the Upper Peninsula, at Newberry in Luce County.   This was a very short-lived settlement, lasting only three years (1897-1900).

David Luthy, in The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed 1840-1960 gives the history of this settlement.  Amish settlers from Ohio founded this settlement in the waning years of the 19th century.  One challenge Amish settlers encountered was the particularly harsh northern Michigan climate.

michigan amish buggy
Harsh winters challenge some Amish settlers. Montcalm County, MI

Luthy cites a letter from an early Amish settler who “mentioned that they hadn’t seen any ground since November 22nd and that presently in April there were eighteen inches of snow yet covering the ground” (Settlements that Failed, Luthy, p182).  As a common reason for Amish migration is suitable farmland, harsher climates such as that found in the Upper Peninsula can particularly challenge unestablished, fledgling Amish settlements.  The letter-writer also noted that the growing season was significantly shorter than that in Ohio.

A total of six Amish families settled this rugged area, with the last settler eventually moving to the new settlement at Mio in southern Michigan’s Oscoda County in 1900.

The present-day Mackinac County settlement is located near the village of Engadine.   These modern-day Amish settlers no doubt face similar climate challenges as did the Luce County group.  Consisting of a single district, it is one of the newest settlements in Michigan, and time will tell if it will thrive or fail.

A state of numerous failed Amish settlements

For various reasons, Michigan has been a state that has attracted Amish settlement.  At the same time, numerous Amish settlements in Michigan have gone extinct.  Despite its significant Amish population today, Michigan ranks as the state with the highest number of extinct Amish settlements, with at least 14 in its history.

michigan amish steam engine
Amish watch a steam engine in Mason

In addition to the extinct settlements at Mio and Luce County in the Upper Peninsula, Amish settlements have arisen only to later disappear at Spruce in Alpena County (1905-1922); White Cloud in Newaygo County (1895-1935); West Branch in Ogemaw County (1908-1942); and Hope in Midland County (1909-1930).

Michigan Amish settlements have failed in recent years as well, with at least 4 going extinct since 2000, including at Hale in Iosco County (1978-2007; a separate Amish settlement was founded here in 2006); Elsie and Ovid in Shiawassee and Clinton Counties (1987-2004); Coral in Montcalm County (1991-2008); and Vestaburg in Montcalm County (1993-2006).

Other Michigan Amish settlements

Despite its history of failed settlements, Michigan remains a state with a significant Amish population.  While not nearly as large as that of neighboring Indiana or Ohio, in 2010 Michigan’s Amish population was estimated at over 11,000.  It is also a state that has attracted new Amish settlement, with a net gain of nearly a dozen new communities over the past 2 decades (see Young Center Amish Studies’ Amish Population Trends 1991-2010).

At the same time, for various reasons Michigan has seen a net loss of Amish households in recent years, according to the Young Center at Elizabethtown College.  From 2005-2009, Michigan’s Amish population lost a net total of 45 households to other states.

michigan amish quilts
Some Michigan Amish produce goods for the tourist industry, such as quilts

Besides the ones mentioned above, significant Amish communities can be found at Mecosta County (1982, 5 districts); Clare in Clare County (1981, 4 districts); Gladwin County (1979, 3 districts); Charlotte/Vermontville at Eaton County (1977, 3 districts); and Marlette/Brown City in Sanilac County (1987, 3 districts).

Additionally, across Michigan one can find a large number of younger settlements founded in recent years, numbering anywhere from a few families to a few hundred individuals.

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For further information, see:

Amish in Michigan, Gertrude Enders Huntington

Amish Settlements Across America: 2008, David Luthy

The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed, 1840-1960, David Luthy

Train Up a Child: Old Order Amish and Mennonite Schools, Karen Johnson-Weiner

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Michigan Amish on the Amish America blog

The Amish in Michigan have been covered on numerous occasions on the Amish America blog.  In 2008 a reader shared a dozen photos of a Montcalm County, MI Amish settlement.  Each year a horse and carriage auction takes place, and is highly attended by the area’s Amish, at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  A man raised Amish in Michigan discussed Amish life in one news piece.

Michigan Amish Tourism and Business-Looking for a Michigan Amish business? A listing of Amish businesses and tourist information for visitors to the Michigan Amish communities mentioned above.

Photo credits: Michigan Amish children-daBinsi; Amish boat launch-Sam Morrison; Camden Amish rugs-Katie Whitney; Mio Amish horses and barn-George Thomas; Amish buggies-Shannon Bromenschenkel; Amish steam engine pull-Joe Ross; Amish quilts-Mer Fuller

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    1. Scott Tennant

      Amish Business Directory

      Is anyone familiar with any amish business directories out there? I am familiar with the one in Lancaster county made by DavCo. I am wondering if there are others. If not, does anyone have any insight as to why that might be? Davco seems to make millions off of these ads, and I am surprised that that arent more like it.

      1. Amish directory s

        There is a large shop directory from Ohio every year in the Budget!

    2. Tim

      Metal Roll Former

      Any Amish Roll Forming Company In Michigan.

      1. I know of several

        I have visited one in Gladwin and another in Sanilac County.

    3. John


      Does anyone know (factually) why so many Amish families/communites have left/failed (in) Michigan? Is this still the trend or are more families now moving to Michigan? Thanks, John

      1. Michigan Amish

        There are actually a lot of Amish communities in Michigan….Ovid, Marion, Manton, Clare, and several others. Manton is only a 20 drive from my whom, where I buy many items ftom Pleasant Valley Market.

    4. Deb

      Fremont MI Amish

      Just returned from Fremont MI. It was unbelievable the amount of Amish that live within a 10 mile radius of the town. We stopped at 3 different grocery/bulk food stores, all Amish owned & operated.
      I am not sure on the number of districts but would guess at least 4 or 5. We also stopped at 2 different houses with bake goods for sale.

      1. Steph

        Fremont Amish

        The Amish community in Fremont seems to have grown a lot in the last10-15 years. I remember going to Troyer’s Footwear & Tack as a kid and there are many more Amish families near there than I remember as a kid.

        Wish I could become Amish!

      2. Shirley K. Kuiper

        Locate stores

        Interested in visiting and shopping at stores mentioned.

      3. Todd


        The McDonald’s in Fremont is the only one I’ve seen with a hitching post for horse-drawn buggies. Which surprised me at first. I don’t suppose a Happy Meal would be appropriate for the kids, but there’s nothing particularly modern about buying a hamburger and fries with a coffee during a trip into town.

        1. Diane


          My opinion on this (as an Amish driver from Mio, Michigan) – they eat good on a daily basis so when they travel this is a treat for them. We have a hitching post even at our Dollar stores, banks etc.

          1. Lisa Andrews


            I have no idea how to get in touch with the Amish. I was wondering if they would be interested in putting a new roof on my house in Glennie, MI. Of course I would pay them for their work. Provide transportation to and from. Can you give me an address in Mio that I could stop and talk with someone about this?

            Lisa Andrews

            1. Amish in MI

              We had asked a Mio saw mill if they knew of any Amish who would build us a garage, and were told they didn’t build for others because of having to obtain building permits. We also asked the person selling barns in Mio, if he built barns, etc. and he gave us the same reply. I have seen Amish working for English-owned construction outfits. But, you could ask someone working in the Pioneer General store on North Mount Tom Rd, in Mio, or the lumber mills on Kittle Rd. also in Mio. They all have telephones. We ended up having to hire English contractors. Maybe you will be luckier than we were? Perhaps if you were to obtain all the necessary permits, they would be interested in building your roof? Best of luck finding the right person.

    5. Morgan

      Are there any opportunities to stay in an Amish community in Michigan? Even just stay nearby and interact with the people? I just wrote an article about the Amish for my university and I am just so interested and passionate about learning more.

      1. Daniel

        Morgan, we are open to your idea, but would like to make contact first. If you are still interested, call 231-743-9562.

        1. Garrett


          It is funny seeing you on here.

      2. Dan Stewart

        Amish fire safety

        Hey there,

        What I find interesting about the Amish is that in most of the progressive to moderately progressive communities they are very conscious of what fire can do to their homes and families.

        There are a considerate amount of fires in Amish households or out buildings.

        In the most progressive areas in northern Indiana and Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and other states it is not uncommon to see a lot of smoke detectors, heat detectors, C.O. detectors and extinguishers in their home. (I have been hundreds of homes)

        They are not always treated fairly and can average 3 to 5 thousand dollars of product in their homes. I have been trying to stop this expensive proposition to them for years.


    6. Sandy Miller

      The Amish

      I live in the largest group of Amish in Michigan were in Nottawa and Centreville area. I had an adopted amish grand parents from Nottawa. My neighbors are Amish. They seem to know about things that are very helpful to us all. you just get to know when and where to go for the best. Some great history here in st joseph county to learn and to ponder. We have them every where even in Leonidas and now headed trowards sturgis area also in Colon michigan and Burr Oak. so you see there is alot here.

    7. Marlette

      I did not see anything about the Amish in Marlette, MI There was a couple selling bakery items in Clio today, and she said they were from Marlette. Is this a fairly new settlement? Thank you.

    8. Kelcey Evans

      Looking to donate a Singer pedal sewing machine. Can anyone direct me to where to contact.

    9. Mari

      Amish in Fremont

      I was born and raise in Fremont Michigan. The Amish here are really nice. In 2008, we had Amish neighbors. When we first moved in the wife and little ones brought us home made bread. The husband would mow our grass in exchange for rides to town.

    10. Cetandi Bolger

      response to Michigans new anti farming law

      I am finding articles such as this: http://www.inquisitr.com/1235774/michigan-loses-right-to-farm-this-week-a-farewell-to-backyard-chickens-and-beekeepers/
      And I am wondering if there is a response in the Amish communities? Or if Amish are excluded from this new law? Either way, I am an activist, and this is what I do….connect the dots 🙂 It is a concern because is many states I know people that have had their back and front yards dug up by city officials because they had Ornamental gardening only laws. I am concerned for the Amish way of life to continue, and also for those who live off what they eat and raise, and I would think that connecting with the Amish communities on this issue would be advantageous to anyone who wishes to stay out of the market to eat 🙂

    11. Pilgrim on Planet Earth


      Hey there Yoder,
      Did not know that Marion Amish allowed internet,,, surprised to see you online, an Old Order Deacon

    12. Pat Chamberlain

      We have an old barn built in the 1930’s. It is two story and made from California redwoods I have been told. Can not afford upkeep, but don’t want to see it fall apart. Would anyone be interested in saving and moving it?

    13. Mary Boseak - Robert

      Sanilac County MI Amish Communities

      We have a Very large community of Amish in Sanilac Co. MI All through Brown City & Marlette. The Amish now have 5 schools just in Brown City. They have many businesses in both cities. Please can you update your site to include these.

      1. Thanks Mary, yes we have Sanilac (Marlette and Brown City) listed already above. And we’ll be doing a general update of all these state guide pages soon.

        1. Tanya Nettnay

          Tree removal

          We have trees that need to be removed. Wondering if you know if anyone would be interested in Sanilac County MI

    14. Michelle still so

      looking for childs rocking chairs

      hi am looking for two childrens rocking chairs for my two year old granddaughters. I would much rather purchase from a small family business then a large furniture store that carries Amish and other large company furniture. I live in Arizona but the chairs would be needed in lansing/Grand Rapids area. Thank you for ant direction anyone can give me in purchasing a beautiful handcrafted rocking chair.

    15. Michelle stilson

      looking for childs rocking chairs

      i am in need of two childrens rocking chairs for my granddaughters. I would love to purchase from a small family business vs a large company. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

      1. Linda

        Child's Rocking Chair

        Natural Log Home Products in Michigan has Bent Wood Hickory rockers with a twig or bark look, in a child size. They have a Michigan-made rocking chair with a solid seat, and an Ohio-made rocker. I understand that bent hickory rockers are not apt to be made in huge factories.

        Natural Log Home Products
        18814 M 115
        Marion, MI 49665
        (231) 743-6645

        Here’s a link about Michigan Amish Furniture:

        Children’s Rocking Chairs, for an idea what is available on the market:

        1. Michelle

          Thank you so much, I will check out the links:)

    16. connie

      recently “several” amish families are moving to the sault ste. marie, mi area…with more coming, the story is they are from wisconsin…i hope they enjoy 9 months of winter

      1. Lauren

        Amish in The Soo

        Yes I see them all the time now here in The Soo. They will be selling baked goods Fri and Sat on 129. I stopped by the other day to try it out. My first experience they probably thought ai was crazy in my red white and blue for 4th of July

    17. sherry

      clare county

      On old 27 and Clare exit, the Amish used to sell goods on the side of the road. I noticed a sign was put up that says “no selling of goods in right of way (ROW) pa 510. I heard a Walmart is going in there. I googled ROW pa 510 thinking it was a county ordinance. Comes up a rule in Pennsylvania.

      1. Wenddie

        Amish Bakery in Clare

        There is an Amish Bakery on Eberhart Rd. in Clare Mi. If you get off at the Clare exit go north on Clare Ave or old 27 up to where Jay’s sporting goods is there is a gas station on the west side of the road turn right on Surrey rd. Go down 1 mile to Eberhart. Turn left and go down about 1/2 mile and there it is. They had wonderful cinnamon rolls and pumpkin rolls but go early if you go on a holiday weekend they sell out early. There are white signs to follow once you get to Eberhart. Check it out

    18. Muriel Christine Moore

      looking for family

      I’m not exactly where to start so I figured I could just start asking everywhere. I am looking for my family on my biological fathers’ side. The only information I have is that they all changed their names, the last name is Byers and I know a few first names. My biological father’s name is Anthony Wayne Moore. Around 1990 my mom and him were looking for them and found that their mom had taken to Michigan and had become amish. I understand Amish people are private but I desperately want to meet my family. If anyone can help me figure out where to start looking to find them please let me know!

      1. Marcus Yoder

        Do you have full names and birthdates? Also it is helpful if you know area of birth and maybe parents name.

        1. Muriel Christine Moore

          I don’t have their birthdates but I do know they were about 7-12 years older than me, I’m 23. All of them were born in Meana, Arkansas except for one brother that was born in Hawaii, I don’t know which city 🙁 Their mother’s name was Nina Moore but she changed it to Nina Byers. Their father’s name (my biological father) is Anthony Wayne Moore I don’t think he ever changed his name. The birth names are: Anthony Kalani Moore (oldest), then Terrie Wayne Moore, Adam Wayne Moore, then Jacqueline Elizabeth Moore or Jacquelinelizabeth (something) Moore, she was the youngest until I was born.

      2. Mark Wagner


        I deal with Amish in several states.
        I know of a couple of Bylers.
        give me a call: 269 370 4349

        1. Christine Ray


          Thank you so much for your offer and help! I actually found shortly after I made these comments, on the 28. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year but I am so grateful to this page and the information from other readers. After 23 years of searching I found them 🙂

          1. Great to hear that Christine! Happy for you!

    19. Mark - Holmes Co.

      Hi Muriel. You might try contacting Wayne Miller at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin, Ohio. The Ohio Amish Library here has a lot of genealogy records and he MIGHT be able to help. He can be contacted at library@amheritagecenter.com.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Muriel Christine Moore
    20. Nelson

      the Byers,,,,,

      Yes, Yes, I knew them well,,,,,,
      in fact Terry Wayne worked with me , and for some time nina and the others went to The Old Order Brethren church….
      Than later Nina stayed with an Old Order Amish Bishop and Family in Middlebury, Indiana…

      I do not know where she is at this point ,, but I know someone in Wakarusa Indiana who knows where she is….

      1. Muriel Christine Moore

        Oh my goodness this is amazing!! Thank you for this information! Can you send me an email? Also could you please put me in touch with someone who could maybe contact them and give them my information? I never thought I would ever find them! My email address is mommabbb_2000@yahoo.com

    21. Patty

      Manton, Mi

      We just moved to Manton, Mi and we have a good size community here. The community runs a metal shop, feed store, bulk food store, butcher shop, greenhouse, furniture, etc.

      I was told they settled here about 40+ years ago. I love what they provide to the community.

    22. Muriel Christine Moore


      I have found my brothers and sister!!! I am in Indiana with my family and I am so thankful to everyone who helped me find them! And a special thank you to the owner of this page, without it I would have never found them. 🙂

    23. Kim

      Garden vegetable plants

      Does anyone know where in Michigan I can find an Amish garden center/farm/market that sells vegetable seeds or plants?

    24. Dale Kositzky

      Looking for whole log a-frame cabin contructor in mackinac county

      I am looking for someone who can construct a whole log (not just beam) a-frame cabin. I was told the Amish have extensive experience in log construction. Thanks in advance for any help.

    25. ASmith

      Looking for Barn help

      I purchased a small, six acre farm with a 116 year old house and an even older barn. I live in Milan Twp. I’m looking for barn repair or if its too far gone possibly a new build. I have 2 acres of lavendar and 1 mixed herbs for tea and a store front in town. I’m wondering if some of the Old Order might be interested in trading barn work for a safe travel stop; I.E. possibly building a mother in law apt attached to the barn for their use, a portion of my crop, or the ability to use my store front to sell their goods.We are close to Ann Arbor, Dundee, and Monroe.

    26. Shannon

      Chicken culling

      Does anyone know of any Amish within about an hour of Merrill, mi who will butcher our chickens for us? We prob have close to 50 right now that we are having a difficult time trying to get to. We both work full time and my husband has a second, part time job plus we have a rental house we are trying to get ready again. Cold weather is upon us and we need to have these chickens culled. If anyone has any contact info, that would be wonderful!

    27. Devon Wilson

      Upper peninsula michigan, chippewa/mackinac county

      I’ve developed an interest in the amish lifestyle. I am looking for an opportunity to spend time in the amish community nearby me. I live in chippewa County, mackinac county is nearby. I don’t want to just drop in and introduce myself as I am completely uneducated and unaware of what is acceptable. I have no motive other than wanting to learn as I am fascinated and admire the amish community that has moved into my area. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you

    28. Kim Mcguire

      Metal roof

      I am looking for Amish craftsmen to put a metal roof over my existing shingle roof. I am located in Blissfield Michigan just over the ohio line

    29. Jorie

      fremont Amish

      Does anyone have more information on the Amish in Holton/Fremont,MI? We just ordered some furniture from one of the stores there, and I was curious about the history of the community and what other businesses are around? I

    30. Laura Kiester

      Re build my barn

      I live in Alma, Mich and just purchased a farm that was built in 1898. The barn is in bad shape and I would like to have it restored. Is there any Amish people that do this type of work in or around my area that could give me a quote. I would much rather save it then tear it down. I am unable to find anyone that is willing to do this for me. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    31. Huron country is thriving

      I have a house in Port Austin and along with Bad Axe, Caseville, and Port Austin, I can tell you. You CANT go one mile eatther direction And NOT spot a Buggy… I mean I have been driving the roads and thank God they have lights on the buggys now. I go to Port Austin Farmers Market. There must be 6t booths set up, selling bread, bake goods, one selling amazing cherry turnovers…And in Bad Axe they have a wood furniture store once you pass the GIANT WALMART on the right….if your heading on VanDyke… I would love to know more about where they are where they sell and of I could but something actually HAND MADE. I sometimes wish with our kids… Me???? BEING a generation X and my kids being melenials I grew up no computer no smart phones… I was told to GO PLAY…..ABD YES YOU MADE IT WORK!

    32. Holly Urban

      Puppy mills

      Just curious why no one comments on the puppy mills? Sad to say these people treat these dogs horribly yet don’t ever want to discuss it. Not the idyllic life that’s portrayed.

      1. Holly, you’re not seeing comments here on puppy mills, because this is not a post about puppy mills. This is a post about Amish in Michigan.

        Posts and comments on this website concerning puppy mills can be found at these and other urls:


    33. Tonya


      This may not be the right place to pose the question, but we have 2 large, old barns that need to be taken down. Our property assessor suggested we contact the Amish community, as they are interested in this. Is this true?
      Thank you for your time,

    34. Lon Burnett


      Does anybody know if there is a construction crew from the Amish that does Roofing

    35. Zach

      Coral Amish not Extinct

      Interesting that it lists the Coral Amish community as extinct, because I was just there buying feed the other day from one of their feed mills. There is a large community in Coral and in Lakeview MI, has been as long as I’ve been alive. Definitely not extinct. They have a sawmill, steel mill, cheese house, feed store. I think there are actually two separate communities, Coral and Lakeview, but they are very close in proximity to each other.

      1. Coral, Michigan Amish settlement(s)

        Zach, thanks for your comment, Coral is quite an interesting case. When I read what you wrote, I had a feeling of what might have happened, and looking further confirmed what I suspected – sometimes settlements go extinct and then the same area is resettled by a different group of Amish.

        However, Coral is noteworthy because settlements at that location have technically gone extinct not once but twice now, and been replaced each time by another settlement in rather quick succession.

        The JAPAS settlement listing explains this and has the listing of the current settlement which was founded in 2011 (unless there was a third extinction in the meantime and we are now on the fourth community… 🙂 ). The first settlement lasted it seems from 1991-2008, then another was founded which lasted from 2008-2011, followed by the current settlement in 2011.

        Since it seems there was little time between the extinction and founding of subsequent settlements (each time happening in the same calendar year), I can see how it might appear to be one continuous settlement. I don’t have information about the Amish who settled there, whether they were from the same or different affiliations, etc., but I’d be curious to learn more about the history of this Amish location in particular given that Amish seem to keep returning to the area.

        Here’s the link to the JAPAS article which you might find interesting: https://kb.osu.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/1811/57700/JAPAS_Donnermeyer_Luthy_vol1-issue2_pp107-129.pdf?sequence=1

        1. Zach

          Coral, Michigan Amish settlement(s)

          Thanks for you reply! That’s very interesting about the Amish Settlement in Coral. I asked around some, and there seems to be lots of information about that area. Someone told me there had been disagreements in the church and a split a while back, with most of the Amish leaving. My mom (who frequents the feed mill) actually told me recently that the owner there is moving out of state, but he’s already arranged for a family moving in to take it over. It’s interesting that the Amish community doesn’t seem to stay long there. I am not nearly as familiar with that community as I am with the Lakeview/Six Lakes, MI Amish. We would be invited over for dinners there quite often growing up. It definitely seems to be a more “stable” community.

          1. Sure, and thanks for this info as well Zach. Would be neat to hear the full story of this location/community. I checked some information concerning affiliations and wasn’t able to find who this group(s) may have been affiliated with. There are quite a few “reformist Amish”-related churches in Michigan and thought maybe there was a connection there.

    36. Keith

      Looking to hire good person/company to build a pole barn in April or May

      We want to build a 40×30 pole barn in April or May in Sumpter, MI (between Milan and Belleville). The site is clear of trees and ready to begin prep for foundation. (building permit can be obtained within 1 week)

      We’re looking for a reputable person or company who can handle most of the project details from start to finish, at a fair price.

      Does anyone have any referrals or know of a likely fit?

      1. Hiring a pole barn builder

        Have you heard back from anyone? We are also interested in hiring someone to build a pole barn/garage. We live near Mio. Thanks!

    37. Seeking respectful tourism opportunities with Michigan Amish

      I own and operate a respected tour and experience company in Michigan. I am often hired for sensitive clients (special needs, foreign diplomats, and even some centenarians), so my customer service is focused on a top notch experience for my tour clients and my business partners. My customized experiences are based on being educational, understanding the subject better and connecting with it on a personal level.

      I would love to consider offering Amish related experiences to my tour guests. I work closely with my business partners (businesses I visit) to ensure it is a very positive experience for them. It’s important to me that any connection with my company is a benefit for whoever we visit. In other states, the Amish community is more open to the English, but my understanding is Michigan Amish prefer to stay more isolated.

      I would like some leads on Amish members of the community in Michigan who might be more open to this type of business arrangement. I know it would mean slowly gaining trust to get them comfortable with allowing me to bring people to them. Before I brought anyone to them, I would also want to have a solid understanding of how they prefer to handle things and make sure their customs and practices are respected. I work with other religions and communities to ensure they experience my tours as a benefit for them also. I also hope to benefit them financially. Please email me at info@DiscoveryMichigan.com with any questions or information.

      Thank you! Candice

    38. David Shallal

      barn builder

      I would like to have a barn and animal shelters build on my property in Lapeer MI, can somebody contact with response or any informations, Thanks.

    39. david Shallal

      barn builder

      would like to have a barn and animal shelters build on my property in Lapeer MI, can somebody contact with response or any informations, Thanks.

    40. Tony

      Amish builders

      Is there is any amish builders or general contractors around Atlanta , Mi ?
      please if you know any let me know. Thanks.

    41. Anita Flowers

      Need a log home built


      I am extremely interested in finding an Amish family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for many reasons. I would love to buy their home made wares and more importantly would like a log home & garage built. The craftmanship and work ethic is absolutely something I deeply respect. This would be a relationship that would grow for many years. Learning is another one of my top priorities. I own 45 acres in U.P. of Michigan and would love to work side by side with this family.

      Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.

    42. Andy Miller

      build pole barn

      Keith comment dated April 2018
      Janice Reamer dated March 2019
      I grew up Amish for the first 18 yrs of my life. As of last month I turned 80yrs old. I have an Amish brother(Johnny) that lives in the Vermontville, Mi. community. He has been a carpenter for over 50 years. We were just up to Clare and Vermontville area a little over a week ago to visit family. I believe that my brother is booked at this time past October of 2019. And I don’t know if he would go to Mio, MI. and I was unable to find Sumpter, MI. on the map that I have. If you would want to contact me by phone I do live in Arkansas. I could put you in contact with him and he might know of someone closer to your area. My #501-416-2164. I am curious where Sumpter, Mi. is located. Best to you.

    43. Nikki

      farm raise chicken

      I was wondering if anyone know of any amish farms that sells farm raised live chicken? I want to buy some. Thanks

    44. Colleen

      seeking information

      I’m not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but i have been searching a long time now for the proper way. I was raised pentecostal, but rejected it at an early age due to the fact that I could see they were only partially following the Bible. As an adult, I’ve begun my search again, and the more ive studied my bible and prayed, the more i feel called away from this life, the ‘me’ centered society that runs on electronics and pharmaceuticals (both for us and the animals)
      I’ve always been attracted to the simplicity of amish life (that I can see from the outside) and the more i learn the more i want to learn. I do not want to rely solely on 2nd and 3rd hand articles, and videos, for all of the knowledge. I would love to be able to learn more of the church and it’s beliefs, and how probable it would be that one in my area (sw MI) might be accepting one day.
      I also do not want to overstep my bounds, and offend the people i want to befriend.

    45. Deborah

      Amish Farms in Wayne County

      I just arrived in MI from London (UK) and I was wondering if there were any Amish communities or farms in Wayne county where I can buy food supplies. I did some online research but it looks like the settlements are concentrated in northern and southern of the state. If you live in Wayne county and know of an Amish farm, please let me know. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

    46. Charles Roberts

      Looking for builer and also boat cover maker

      I live near Curtis, Michigan.

    47. C Dale Bannon

      Amish Leaving Michigan

      There was a fair Amish Community in the land south of Scottville, Michigan, in Mason County. The City Of Scottville made a big point of catering to the needs of that community. For instance, they constructed a shelter downtown to protect their horses in the winter. Younger members of the Amish community became dissatisfied with the strict rules of the Old Order leadership. They began disregarding some of the rules. Finally, in disgust, the Old Order Amish pulled up stakes and moved to Pennsylvania. There now are former-Amish families in Mason County, Michigan.

      1. Christopher Pomeroy

        Amish Leaving MIchigan

        Are there any still living off of West Hawley Rd in Mason County? Growing up we use to visit Amish friends on the area of Hawley rd and Masten Road. (Carr Settlement)

    48. Mike Henris

      Wood house tear down for salvage

      Hello, i have a whole house and garage that needs to be demolished. It is an A-frame style that is mostly wood construction. Beautiful beams, ceilings, etc. mostly in great condition. I have heard that Amish offer tear-down services to salvage the wood (or anything else of value). I would love to see it reused instead of landfilled. Does anyone have a lead for someone in the Mid-Michigan area that i can contact?

      Thank you!

    49. Seth

      Gladwin, MI Amish

      The Gladwin Amish community has 4 districts now according to the Michigan Amish Directory (and my grandfather, who is still Amish). Also the directory says it started in 1980, not 1979. Just wanted to keep things updated.

      I really enjoy this website!

      1. Thanks, Seth!

        I appreciate you sharing the updated info. We will have a full update of the State Guide section coming pretty soon.

    50. Chad

      MI Amish

      I had visited the Centerville area this past weekend and I would say the Amish are progressively modern compared to our Swartzentruber neighbors in Mt. Victory Oh area. I’ve always found Amish fascinating and seeing how modern they were , I was kind of shocked.

      In that same frame, we also went to Shipshewana for the first time and the progressiveness extended. Still, I enjoyed visiting and seeing the different lifestyles of how modern technology influences people.