Have a look “behind the wheel” of an Old Order Mennonite buggy. This was taken by Tom at the New York Haiti Auction. What do you notice?

Mennonite Buggy Dashboard

Tom notes that it has “a speedometer. LED lights, windshield and all the bells and whistles. I asked a man what a buggy like this one would cost and he said $5,000.00 and then the same or more for the horse.”

Five thousand bucks might be the price for a Mennonite buggy in New York, but would actually be a pretty nice deal for a new Amish buggy in many places.  In Lancaster County you’ll pay in the $7-8,000 range, or more if you get all the latest features (and there are more features than you might think).

Mennonite Pickup Truck Buggy

Also, here is the “pickup truck” model. Team Mennonites use this textured metal on parts of their buggies. I’ve never seen it on any Amish buggies before though.


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