Kite Kommotion in Shipshewana

Kites Shipshewana

Kite Kommotion is an annual event in the town of Shipshewana in the Elkhart-Lagrange Amish settlement.

Menno Hof Shipshewana In

From the event description: “Folks can take advantage of flying their own kites or watching performances by international kite teams and professional kite exhibitions.”

Kids Kite Making Clinic

A reader shares photos from the event’s latest edition.

Kites Event Shipshewana

I guess these photos speak for themselves. Lots of kites, lots of kommotion.

Kite Kommotion Shipshewana Indiana

As you can see, the event attracts Amish attendees.

Amish Watching Kites

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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    1. Derek

      We were there

      What an amazing display of kites and kit control. There were many Amish there as well as folks from all over the US. Everyone had a great time. Too bad Sunday is a dead day. Saturday, buggies, cars and people everywhere but on Sunday nothing was open and not a buggy in sight. We had to drive quite a distance to find someplace open for breakfast.

    2. Debbie Halcomb

      Amazing that they can keep their kites from tangling. Some pretty large kites too. Looks like a fun day.

      1. I wonder how do they keep from tangling. That is a lot of kite activity going on. Maybe they keep a greater distance than the perspective of the photos suggests.

    3. Alice Mary

      Seasonal fun

      Our Park District had a kite fly a few weeks ago (annual event), though ours wasn’t as big as this. It IS fun to see the kites themselves, especially the hand made ones that can be so unique. I didn’t have a place to fly a kite as a kid in the city, but enjoyed flying them in my kids’ schoolyards once we moved to the suburbs. I, too, wonder how the heck one keeps them from tangling!

      Kite flying is a rite of spring—it cheers me up to look up and see a kite in the sky, no matter where or when! Some of these look amazing!

      Question: Would the Amish consider kite flying a “no-no” on Sunday? If so, why? (As usual, just wondering…)

      Alice Mary

    4. Juanita Cook

      What a amazing and different kinds of kites. Not like they used to have years ago.