I promised I would follow up if I got more information on the Go Fund Me for Millie, described as a 27-year-old woman who left her Amish community, in what looks to be Delaware.

A number of you were skeptical that this was real, which I can understand. While I reached out via two different channels to the fundraiser organizer for more information, I have not heard anything back yet.

That said, there are three more pieces of info I can provide that support my belief that this is a real fundraiser.

First is the Facebook page for the person who appears to be the fundraiser (Will Kramer), found by reader Jason. This looks to be a real person, and has the same name as the contact person listed at Go Fund Me. He has also posted a link to the fundraiser on his Facebook page for his friends and contacts to see.

Second is this photo, found in the fundraiser post on the same Facebook page:

This is a full version of the cropped photo displayed on the Go Fund Me page. People had questions about the cropped photo below (me included) for reasons including the non-Amish dresses on the two women on the sides.

It appears the Go Fund Me site crops the photos. But it looks like this is the full photo that organizer William Kramer included with the fundraiser.

Third, after sharing my initial post on Facebook, I got some feedback from two people with traditionally “Amish” surnames who claim to know Millie or know who she is.

As far as the cropped photo, at first one felt that the photo was not her. But when I gave her the link to the full photo, she replied “Oh yes it is her as an Amish girl.”

The only question one raises is about “the whole of her story”: “Yes this is true tho I’m not sure about the whole of her story but I know her and she was a member of the Amish church.”

Does “whole of the story” refer to not knowing background details? That said, it sounds like by their exchange, she just left home recently.

Figuring it out

It’s all an interesting “half-mystery” let’s call it – to decipher. I’m still hopeful William Kramer will follow up, but I can also understand if he’d like to only provide minimal information on her at this point.

In any case, after posting about the fundraiser, more donations began coming in (seven more at this point, to go with the initial two), so it seems others besides myself felt – or maybe even knew – the fundraiser was real as well.

There is a small chance it is still some sort of “scam”, and it would help to hear more from the organizer.

But at this point I believe that with this additional information, that is less likely, and that Millie is in fact a real person who would appreciate a helping hand from those inclined to provide one. I don’t know that we’ll hear more on this, but if so, I’ll update this or the previous post.

Update: Message from the Organizer

I just received a message from Will Kramer via his Facebook page, after having written the post above. He shared with me Millie’s last name, his contact number if I want to call him, and stated that this is “absolutely a legit fund raiser”.

I don’t have more details about Millie’s story, but we can add this contact from Will Kramer to the evidence above that this is a real fundraiser for a person who left her Amish community. That is a difficult topic in and of itself, which I addressed to some degree in the original post.

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