This Photo Shows The Damage A Car Can Do To A Buggy

Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words – and this photo shows better than any words the damage a car can do to a buggy.

Photo by Ashland County Pictures

You’re not really seeing much of a buggy here, just two wheels, axle and some of the undercarriage. The buggy, in other words, was annihilated by the impact.

The crash occurred Saturday in Ashland County, Ohio. It was another rear-end collision, highlighting the vast differences in speed between Amish buggies and motor vehicles (5-8 mph vs. 35-45+ mph), something drivers need to be aware of to ensure safe driving around buggies. From FOX8’s report:

The car had heavy front-end damage and the buggy had heavy damage to the rear from the collision.

The buggy was traveling westbound on state Route 96 when the crash took place, OSHP said.

Troopers say the driver of the car, a 34-year-old woman of Ashland and her juvenile passenger were not injured in the crash.

We don’t know anything about the person in the buggy other than that he or she “was transported from the scene to an area hospital for serious injuries.”

Also not pictured in this photo is the horse’s injured leg, which I have cropped out of the above photo but which is viewable at the FOX8 link. No details on the animal beyond that.

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    1. Guest

      Animal abuse

      These reckless drivers need to be charged for animal endangerment and abuse on top of the traffic violation and threat to human life. I’m for stiffer penalties here all around, since it’s tantamount to striking pedestrians as you pointed out, Webmaster. These poor people and creatures go out in good faith and get mowed down.

    2. Alberta Wells

      So Sad!!!

      I am in NY and travel the country roads where many Amish live.I proceed with caution up the hilly roads as I know I can come up on them without seeing them so easy.I have had may cars follow me and get upset with me because I wasn’t going faster.I don’t care..I have concern for the buggy’s on the winding hilly country roads..And I have come up on one as I mounted a hill. I was glad I was driving slower as it allowed me to slow down more behind them..I traveled behind them till it was safe for me to go around them knowing I had to be careful not to spook the horse..I smiled at the driver and waved and went around..Actually, I love seeing them out there..It makes me take a deep breath and reach a calming point with myself. I just wish drivers would proceed with caution on these winding country roads.

    3. Photo of what a car can do hitting a buggy ohio

      They desperately need their own lane. Lower speed limit to 10 place the highway patrol to give tickets. How about a caravan of horse and buggy on certain days with a hired huge tractor following. Protection for these people. Too many accidents reckless driver. So sorry for such an accident. I pray no one was hurt and horse recovered.

    4. Romain S.

      I apprehend

      The more I see these pictures of accidents, the more I dread my next buggy rides now that I see the state of the buggies. Especially on Sundays when people want to go home quickly before the curfew time we have in France. Some drivers are even more reckless than before.

      Erik, did you receive my text and pictures by email on February 27? I think I must have gone into your spam folder?