Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words – and this photo shows better than any words the damage a car can do to a buggy.

Photo by Ashland County Pictures

You’re not really seeing much of a buggy here, just two wheels, axle and some of the undercarriage. The buggy, in other words, was annihilated by the impact.

The crash occurred Saturday in Ashland County, Ohio. It was another rear-end collision, highlighting the vast differences in speed between Amish buggies and motor vehicles (5-8 mph vs. 35-45+ mph), something drivers need to be aware of to ensure safe driving around buggies. From FOX8’s report:

The car had heavy front-end damage and the buggy had heavy damage to the rear from the collision.

The buggy was traveling westbound on state Route 96 when the crash took place, OSHP said.

Troopers say the driver of the car, a 34-year-old woman of Ashland and her juvenile passenger were not injured in the crash.

We don’t know anything about the person in the buggy other than that he or she “was transported from the scene to an area hospital for serious injuries.”

Also not pictured in this photo is the horse’s injured leg, which I have cropped out of the above photo but which is viewable at the FOX8 link. No details on the animal beyond that.

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