We’ve previously seen video footage from within a Lancaster Amish home, as well as photos from inside homes of the very plain Swartzentruber Amish.

But this is the first video I’ve come across showing the interior of a Swartzentruber home.

In the video below, LaVonne DeBois of Heartland Tours gives us a look inside the home of a family she is obviously well-acquainted with.

It’s not common that Amish allow filming inside their homes, and one would expect that to be less so, the more conservative the group. Swartzentruber Amish are among the most plain and tradition-minded of all Amish.

LaVonne explains how she was able to record the footage of this Holmes County Swartzentruber home in the video’s comments section:

this is not a common opportunity. I have known this family for 8 years and we take a lot of business to them. The group was outside and It was approved that I could do the video as long as the members of the church were not filmed.

Children are not church members, and so little Sarah greets us as Lavonne approaches the front door.

We then see inside the kitchen and the cast iron stove that provides both a means to cook and heat the home.

LaVonne points out the light blue colors favored in Swartzentruber homes:

Here’s a circular laundry hanger:

A calendar and kerosene light on the nearly-bare walls:

Someone has some candy on the table:

A look into the living room:

And glimpse of the master bedroom:

Clothing hanging on the wall and a hickory rocker:

Here’s the full video:

Swartzentruber Amish have a very characteristic appearance.

What did you notice?

Amish-made cheese

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