Indiana Amish Family Horse Killed In Drive-By Shooting

An Amish family in Lagrange County, Indiana is hoping for answers after their horse was killed in a drive-by shooting incident last week.  From

It was a regular morning for the Miller family as they were heading outside to do their chores– that is until one of the children noticed something unusual.

“I was putting on my socks and all of a sudden I saw that the car wasn’t going to go past, and I kind of stood up and went over to the window and then the car or whatever shot two times and the horses started running to the barn,” said Jerry Miller.

It was later that morning before the family found out what really happened. Their 15-year-old horse, Lady, who was grazing in their pasture across the street was hit by one of the bullets.

Owners Jerry and Elizabeth Miller say their veterinarian did surgery on the horse but later decided to put her to sleep. Now, the family are worried it could happen again.

Lady was the main horse the Miller family used for traveling long distances. Like a favorite dog or any other animal people spend a lot of time with, a reliable, trusted driving horse can feel a little like a member of the family.

We have similar attacks before against Amish people and their animals–nearby in the Nappanee settlement, as well as in the Lancaster County community.

Replacing Lady will cost about $3,000. More costly will be the unease which the family and community will now have to live with, knowing there is someone in their midst willing to use firearms to kill their animals.

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    1. Ken Tibbetts


      When I read stories about our good Amish friends having bad things done to them I can’t help wondering: Why? Don’t these miscreant evil-doers have anything better to do? Do they hate the Amish because they live simpler, more useful lives; are truly more pious, are more honest, are harder working, are fairer in their business dealings, are more generous toward all others regardless of their stations in life, are kind and true friends, are of the nature who believe that bringing harm to others is a sin? I could go on and on creating a list of the good attributes of all those Amish whom I cherish as friends. Alas, I cannot get into the minds (not that I truly wish to) of people who commit evil deeds so I’ll be left wondering – Why?

      1. It’s a good question Ken. Concerning pranks or, as incidents like this, there can be prejudice against the Amish for various reasons…some of it can be prank type behavior by youth, though this is obviously significantly worse than a prank.

        And sometimes it even originates within the community or by former members or those of Amish heritage (that was the case with an infamous series of arsons against Amish in central PA in the earl 1990s, for example

        I can’t say how much comes from which source, but there’s an interesting paper on this phenomenon by a scholar named Bryan D. Byers if you’d like to read more.

    2. Barb

      So sad - ONCE AGAIN!

      These incidents just break my heart – for the families AND their horses. I just don’t understand what someone could possibly find entertaining, or satisfying, by killing a living thing. If it is anger over having to get “stuck” behind a buggie, then move! If you are just a hateful person, I hope you some day understand the pain you have caused. I know the Amish believe it is the right thing to pray for forgiveness, but I for one am so tired of seeing our citizens “turning” on each other senselessly.

    3. randy

      Awefully Serious Times We're All Living In

      I am truly sorry about this incident … and it makes my heart heavy. One thing that concerns me now is that this sort of “behavior” is spreading. Look at what just happened in Kalamazoo …. 6 people randomly shot dead. There is no “safe place” to run to, but … it is a time for the rest of us (Amish and non-Amish) to try even harder to draw close to the Grand Creator. “Man” doesn’t hold the “answers.” No government, military, political party, economic group, etc. can solve these issues. Even if all the guns (& other weapons) in the world were totally destroyed, it would be no guarantee that “men” wouldn’t/couldn’t find other ways of killing one another. It’s time we all need to try drawing ever closer to each other, family, friends, and most especially to God and his loving son. IMHO. randy

    4. Jerry

      Not for the life of me....

      can I understand why anyone would do such an awful thing.
      It has been a general observation that Amish and OOM do not fuss over their animals like the English do. They treat them with respect and provide basic care but not so much on the pampering side. It’s a bit of an odd relationship somewhat like “if you do as I need you to do, I’ll will provide for your basic needs”. Sometimes I see the young children petting on a pony, puppy or a goat. But never the over the top pampering that we do.

      This family’s loss is huge. It takes a few years to get a horse “just right”. Around here in the western part of central Pa, a good to better, road proven, women friendly buggy horse would run around $1500-2200.

    5. Terry

      It just wonders what ails some people!! I was riding home one night with friends and a car driving by shot at the buggy with paintball guns. It was an absolutely horrible experience.


    6. R T Smith


      Just had two close friends die of cancer two weeks apart.
      Does cancer the Amish community like the English? How are funerals handled? How long does one get laid out?Does a person get buried or do they cremate a love one?

      1. Amish girl-Rebecca

        Yes, cancer does affect the Amish community. I have an article elsewhere on the site called An Amish Funeral : a first-hand account.

    7. Ila Terry

      not just Amish here in ny

      This has happened in NY State also, but it wasn’t an Amish horse. The man was later caught and arrested. Such sick people.

    8. Kiki

      Family Horse Killed

      As a Police Officer I know it’d be pretty amazing if the perpetrators were caught. If they do this again and someone gets the vehicle plate info that’d be a great help but that’s a slim chance. As long as sin remains, there will be evil. I cannot get my mind around why people do what they do. I see more than most of you reading these posts and I’ll never understand, outside of a scriptural reason, why it’s so hard for some people to obey the law, respect others and themselves, and just CARE! I know the Lord will take care of the family’s need for a new horse but this goes beyond just a need for transportation. This is a violation of the family’s “safe zone”; that place we call our haven of peace and rest – the HOME. Fear and uncertainty of if they’ll be targeted again or if this was just a random act will be hard for the members of this family to overcome so they’re need all our prayers. Lord have mercy on us!!! AMEN…

      1. randy

        Very well said, Kiki.

      2. Barb

        KIKI, you are so right

        A few years ago, I went out to my car to go to work in the morning – right outside my side door (under a porch light) – only to find my car teetering on pieces of brick and curbing. It seems someone needed four Honda tires! Now, I know this cannot compare to the evil experienced by the Millers; however, I spent the next months looking out that window all night long; I almost never slept; I jumped up to every noise I heard and peeked out. I no longer felt “safe.” I pray the Millers can maintain a feeling of safety and never have to go through this again (NOR ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER)!

        1. Kiki

          Amish horse killed


          OMG! I’m so sorry you had to go through that!!!
          No crime is small when you’re the victim of it and the fact that they touched something of yours is even more of a violation. We sometimes think when others are victims of crime, “Why the big deal? It’s just a car, or it’s just a wallet, or it’s just a horse.” Well, all those things have been part of our lives, one way or another. It’s not the amount in dollars that something is worth but, rather, how that something adds to our lives. We shouldn’t “love” objects but when we use them daily and perhaps were gifts from loved ones, they do mean something and it really affects us when someone violates our safe zones and takes, damages, or, in the case of this fine horse, kills them.
          Again Barb, I’m sorry you went through that terrible time and I pray all will be well with you from now on. I feel for any of you out there reading this who have been victimized. I feel anger when my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, my fellow citizens, my fellow human beings, are victimized. I’m sick and tired of people with no concern for others but only care about getting what they want when they want it and how they want it. I know God will repay in the next life, but when no justice is found for so many I get really frustrated for all of you. I’m also sick of politicians who seem to think that taking away your right to defend yourselves will make things better. Who have no idea what it feels like to be victimized and probably never will. God help the U.S. and all our dedicated citizens who work hard, are honest, and just want to live in peace in their own homes!

    9. James (Jakob) Kramer

      Senseless killing of the Amish Horse

      Senseless, cruel, words cannot describe what I felt when I read this. I live in Pittsburgh, and hardly a day goes by that I do not read of people being shot by drive-by shooters. I am afraid we are living in a world that is growing ever more dangerous. Guns are not the reason, as no gun shoots without being first loaded, aimed (however badly) and then either the trigger pulled or an accidental firing. Someone has to put in the bullets, and in this case, the intent to harm was obvious. My heart goes out to the Miller Family, and I pray they will not become prisoners to fear. My hope is that those who acted will be caught, so that they will not be able to harm anyone else.

      1. Kiki

        Senseless killing of Amish horse

        Amen James (Jakob), amen!




    11. Judith

      Just as there is great beauty in this world, there is also great evil.

      Stories like this make me think….if I were an alien in a spaceship and saw our planet, I would radio back to my fellow aliens to steer very clear of planet Earth. With all the great gifts of nature, intelligence, technology, understand of physics, still – Homo sapiens are an extremely dangerous species.

    12. Kiki

      Killing of an Amish horse/Faith Keeps Us All Strong

      God never made man dangerous but he gave us free will and, if used improperly to disobey God and so he can “do his own thing” then, yes, he can be very dangerous. Human pride and greed are at the heart of most crimes I see. Helen is right, the parents of those that committed this crime probably did a lousy job. But I’ve also seen parents grieve over the crimes committed by their children and those parents thought they did a good job by teaching them more Godly values. It comes down to this: WE ALL HAVE THE CHOICE TO LIVE GODLY LIVES OR TO TURN ASIDE AND LIVE SELFISH, PRIDEFUL, AND UNGODLY LIVES. The one will give us salvation and the other will lead to deeds such as the killing of the horse and worse. It’s not that man is inherently dangerous. It’s that some have never learned how to value and respect life, both their own and that of others be it animal or human. Those values were thrown out of schools in the 60s when they threw God out of the classroom. If kids don’t learn those values at home and teachers don’t teach them in schools, where will they learn them? On the street? That kind of learning leads them straight to me and a jail cell. I see 11 year olds arrested for sex assault! Until people stop making these bad choices and, like Helen said, “find God”, crime will NEVER stop! He IS the ONLY cure for all that ails man. It’s time people stop running away from God and start running to Him, ’cause one day it’ll be too late!!

      1. randy


        I am so inclined to agree with you (and many others posting here). We are living in some VERY serious times … and a LOT of folks don’t even “see” it. Reminds me of the days of Noah. May be a “day of reckoning” before long. We each need to “fight” to make sure we stay on the “good side.” The “adversary” is awful slick … and has millennia to “hone his skills.” IMHO.


        1. Kiki

          Horse Killed


          You hit the nail on the head my dear brother; a lot of folks don’t even “see” it. That’s the problem. In many ways we Christians have also become spoiled and weak because of all the freedoms in this country. We really don’t know what it means to die for Christ or suffer persecutions like Christians and Jews in other countries. Unfortunately, we’re starting to find out. Amish are easy targets because they’re easy to spot and they’re peaceful people. They are similar to monastics in that you KNOW and can SEE from a distance who they are and that the Cross is their life. The enemy hates that but The Cross WILL prevail. Yup, our enemy has had a very long time to “hone his skills” but let’s remember this; he’ll have eternity to pay for all the damage he’s done! Alleluia!

          1. randy


            I really do believe it’s a time of “sifting” … and it’s not time for anyone to give up now. The “adversary” is doing all he can to bust down folks faith and belief in a loving, almighty God who cares so much for us that he sent his best and first-born of all creation for all of us … and each and every one of us. I do believe, as a “general whole,” that folks like the Amish, Mennonites, and other plain and simple types of folks are on a better path than most. “We” have become so “materialistic” that our “belongings” often become “obsessions” and we become blinded and loose our way amid the “distractions” this world has to offer, rather than keeping more focused on spiritual matters. I by no means am “perfect” myself, but … I do have a strong hope that one of these days (and maybe before too long) that everything will be changed and that we will all see the paradise that God meant for us to be part of. IMHO


            1. Judith

              Feel free to skip over this....

              I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you are talking about. I need to be clarified. The New Testament is the way for me, but not everyone, and I respect that. Everyone has different belief systems, even in Christianity. Some Christians (and some of all religions) think it’s just fine to discriminate against LGBT people or ex-convicts or non Christians or even people of color. Even though those are exactly the type of people my good friend, the radical carpenter, Jesus would have hung out with. I know many Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists – who are fine upstanding, kind, generous, good people who don’t believe in Christ as our Savior. I love them, and I know I see them in the next life if I’m good.

              I have been a Christian since I was 3 months old. I go to daily Mass all my adult life – and even because of my job – attend Mass 5 times on Sundays. I am there for Holy Week, Lent, Advent, Days of Saints, Holy Days, Penance Services etc. etc. etc. — And I have never, not once, not even a tiny bit, ever, ever, ever – been discriminated against because I am a Christian in this VERY, VERY Christian country. It appears to me this “war on Christians” is an excuse for “Christians” to impose by law – or force – their own form of Christianity on non-Christians. Unholy wars in my opinion.

              Yes, those of us who are sane and educated – have free will. But the majority of those in jail are there because of mental illness, racism, lack of education, no good examples of how to live one’s life. If someone who acquired schizophrenia in their 20s becomes violent – it is erroneous to think that is free will. If one becomes a thief because they are starving or have no money to pay the heating bill, it is erroneous to think that’s free will (citation Les Miserables by V. Hugo). Food stamps and welfare are not enough to support a family who does not own land, Catholic Charities is bursting at the seams and turns away homeless families at an alarming rate, Republican lawmakers still believe in trickle down economics – but greed and hording by the 1% who own half of the world’s money is the reality. There is no investment by big business in the middle class which is shrinking whilst the rich get richer and the middle class slides into poverty where both parents must work full time just to pay the rent. We are moving into a neo-feudalist society – and you know what happens then right? Every single society of such inequality throughout the dawn of civilization ends up either as a fascist state (zero free will)- or a revolution with pitchforks. There are no free societies where inequality of such magnitude exists, there are no examples anywhere in the history of the world.

              This evil you speak of exists in every human being on earth, even Christians. There is no sifting, it will never be erased. But those of us who are lucky to be born with a roof over our heads, enough to pay the bills, good examples of kind lives and education can boast a semblance of free will. But the hubris in thinking that any of us are “all good” will be our stumbling block. We all sin – and gravely at that.

              “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
              ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,

            2. Kiki


              Randy you have my TOTAL agreement. As I read your comment, I became emotional because I think of all those folks out there, perhaps some who read these posts, who really don’t have that faith that there is so much more than this life, so much we have never seen but believe in because we believe in the One Who gave Himself up for us. His love transcends all of our imperfections, our pain, our frustrations, our failures. Christ said it Himself, “No one comes to the Father but through Me.” People may not like it, but the truth remains the same whether you believe it or not. The Amish believe it, you believe it, and I believe it. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who believe and have not seen.” This life is but a shadow but we too often put so much time and energy into being a part of this world and forget that St. Paul said, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2). The Amish definitely don’t “conform” to this world and many people can’t stand that. We non-Amish Christians need to take a step back and look at how much we’re attached to. The materialism you spoke about is what distracts us from Christ. It’s not that all those “things” are bad in and of themselves but when they become a passion for us that can control our time and energy, they can be spiritually bad. Those distractions are what the Amish try to stay away from and I give them lots of credit for that because society is constantly bombarding us with them. It takes lots of spiritual discipline to put away all that “stuff” and focus on the Lord with our whole heart and mind. I pray for you Randy, that out Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ continues to bless you with strength, wisdom and discernment to know His will and the faith to carry it out!

              1. randy

                Sad That So Many Really Don't See


                I readily admit that I am far from perfect, but … I continue to struggle to be the best I can be in God’s eyes … and to encourage others, in the meantime. I truly don’t feel that I’m any better than anyone else, but … I’ve finally been able to come to admit and acknowledge that I’m not the “worst” either. I came from a “strict” background … Dad was an Army sergeant in the infantry (during WW II and Korea) and I was the oldest of 5 kids. I never remember of Dad ever saying “I love you” to me, until I was at least 21 yrs. old. No matter how hard I tried, it never seemed to be good enough. I’m not saying this to evoke sympathy, but … I have had a lot of struggling to do to get to the point of finally being able to better at least “accept” myself. It has only been since I’ve really started studying the Bible that I’ve come to learn of the great and unconditional love that God has for each and every one of us … including me. He is still intensely concerned, loving, and forgiving (if we’re truly repentant) about all of us. It’s like he always loves the sinner, but always hates the “sin.” There is definitely evil afoot … and the head adversary has had many millennia to hone & practice his skills. He doesn’t need to eat, drink, sleep, or anything to “distract” him from his nefarious deeds. As far as the days of Noah I mentioned earlier … it is so similar to today’s world. Folks do make fun/light of those struggling to hold on to our Christian beliefs and responsibilities to do God’s will at all times … not just when it’s “convenient.” It can take a lot of faith and strength, not in and of our selves, but in the one and only true God. Also, it is not our place to go judging others. We can’t even “take it for granted” that we will be in the paradise that God has promised his faithful ones. All we can do is our personal best (not the best someone else can do, but the best we, ourselves can do) … and believe in the loving hopes of a bright future that God personally has promised and shown thru his most loving of all creation, Jesus. I may be about thru talking about this on here. I truly don’t mean to “hijack” the conversation, but … as far as the days of Noah again, folks were eating, drinking, giving their children in marriage, etc. and paying little or no heed to the warnings that Noah and his family were giving … and they took no note up to the very day that the deluge started. They truly thought “Everything’s going on ‘fine’, just like it always had.” … and then it was too late to make changes, because the day of reckoning was there. This I do believe.

                1. Kiki

                  Sad that so many don't see

                  Your journey of salvation (for that it truly what it is) sounds like many of us and the Lord knows your heart and mind; that you want Him to be first and foremost in your life. I’m Orthodox Christian and in total agreement with you, especially your understanding of the fact that He loves the sinner but hates the sin. This is what our society has tried to change – that God loves us so, as long as we acknowledge He exists and are nice we’re set. WRONG! We need to stand firm in our faith and continue to absorb (not just read) His word so that it becomes a part of our nature, not just a part of our memory. Take Communion every Sunday,as that is our food and gives us the strength to handle the week’s challenges. It is His Body and Blood sustaining us to the end. No matter how people approach us, be ready with the whole armor of God. Before you answer a question about our faith, pray that God speaks through you (I do that each time I write or speak to anyone about Him and our faith). Pray continually!

                  1. randy


                    Thank-you to Kiki for your loving encouragement and to those responsible for running this board. We also need to keep in mind the “silent example” … “leading” thru what we do. Ofter, when we “preach in your face,” well, it’s often resisted, especially when it may “seem” like we’re “hollering.” Just “thinking out loud” here.

                    1. Kiki

                      Thank You

                      Randy, you’re right; we need people to SEE Christ in us, not hear all the words. I guess that’s why He said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may SEE your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Sometimes, though, it seems we almost need to yell to make people “get it”. The truth is, this life is NOT ABOUT US! It’s about HIM and the TRUTH that He, being God our Creator, stepped down from His glory and majesty and put on our humble form becoming man. He was fully divine and fully man but without sin or blemish – the pure and innocent Lamb of God. He allowed Himself to be spit on and reviled, beaten and bloodied, then nailed to a Cross. All our sin put upon Him yet He asked God the Father to forgive them. Love itself hung on that Cross so that man would no longer need a blood sacrifice as expiation. He was that Sacrifice. Not instead of us but FOR us. To change US. To rescue us from our fallen condition. This victory over sin and death can ONLY COME FROM CHRIST. We know this and live it. Anyone who preaches anything different or rejects this Scriptural Truth is antichrist and anathema. But how in the world could anyone reject this Love, this forgiveness, this patience, this desire by God that we participate, by grace, in what is His by nature? The world hates to hear this and always has; the devil is reminded through this truth that he is doomed and his end is coming quickly. We must all look up and watch, for He’s coming soon. Maybe not in our lifetime but soon. The Amish need our prayers and support to remain as they are; separated from the influences of this world that distract them from giving God their all and teaching their children the same. We should be more like them. This life IS NOT ABOUT US!

    13. Anonymous from Perth Austrslia

      Eric, Please, Change the Subject already "ENOUGH"

      Re; the Amish Community!
      Eric: please provided websites for small town Community; eg: Haramy, MN, near the Mayo Clinic! Silly Qustions: when there’s websites! Like Hello! Certain group of People have been known by their unacceptable misbehavior against the Amish! As well as Respect!

      So Eric; how about Initiatively Instruction towards respectful Postitive Attitudes towards the Amish! I hasertate towards; address of the Amish when those Touring on their own with their Toy Csmera’s! Thanks!