I really enjoyed church service today.  This is the second weekend in a row I’ve gone with this group.  Church in any particular district is normally held bi-weekly, the two consecutive Sundays in this case being due to a special situation.

Many Amish are conscious of the differences that exist among their own people.  I spent some time discussing this with church members today.

Very often lately, both in Lancaster and in Holmes County, I find I’m hearing members’ concern with some of their group sticking fast to ‘tradition over truth’–or paraphrasing what I heard from one today, ‘some of them are so concerned with being Amish that they’re missing the point’.

The point being Christ’s gift of salvation.  Many feel it doesn’t depend on how wide your hat’s brim is or who exactly you associate with, but rather the strength of your faith–and acting in accordance with it.


Maybe this is the kind of talk I hear since lately I’m spending more time with the more mainstream-to-progressive Amish.  This particular group is of the New Order.

As the only Englishman at service I make for sort of a beginner’s level Where’s Waldo puzzle, but despite that they are a great bunch who’ve really made me feel at home (even preaching half the service in English).  For that I am genuinely grateful.

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