Q-and-A with John Esh of Goot Essa (Holiday Cheese & Fudge Gift Basket Giveaway)

This summer we learned about Goot Essa, an Amish cheese maker in central Pennsylvania.

The business had adapted to the recent disruption and started selling their foods online (with non-Amish help to run the website).

Last week I spoke with Goot Essa’s founder, John Esh Jr.

John has kindly answered some questions – about his business, personal favorite cheeses, his family’s Christmas Day activities, and his Centre County community.

Goot Essa is a new advertiser here, and John has also offered to give away a holiday gift basket to an Amish America reader – this tasty-looking collection, called the Country Basket:

Goot Essa’s Country Basket

Here’s the description:


4 oz. Old German Weissa Kase
4 oz. Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar
4 oz. Garden Pepper Jack
6 oz. Der Weichen Gehl
4 oz. Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar


1.5 oz. Autumn Dawn Apple Butter
1.5 oz. Sweet & Spicy Dipping Mustard
1.5 oz. Nittany Valley Pure Honey
1.5 oz. Gideon’s Sweet Dipping Mustard


3.5 oz. Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge
3.5 oz. Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge

Container: 12 x 12 basket

How to Enter to win the Goot Essa Country Basket

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the Country Basket, simply leave a comment on this post.

I’ll draw the winner at random and announce it here in a separate post on next Monday, December 14.

Holiday Host cutting board assortment

Q-and-A with John Esh Jr. of Goot Essa

Amish America: How did Goot Essa get started?

John Esh: Nineteen years ago – my dairy nutritionist Bob Patton kept asking – how are you going to keep the farm in the family? We have a small dairy herd and realized that we couldn’t compete with the large farms. We considered our options and chose to start making specialty cheeses.

The Esh family farm in Centre County, PA

Amish America: Who are the other families and farms involved in the business?

John Esh: We buy our goat milk from two Amish farm families and the sheep milk from three Amish farm families. We use their milk to make cheese with.

What’s the community like where you live?

We have about 600 Amish families in the four valleys that we live in. There are about 14 Amish youth groups included in the 600 families.

“Our first cheese cave”

Which is your personal favorite cheese or cheeses?

For breakfast with bacon and eggs I enjoy the Mt. Valley Sharp Cheddar. For a snack I enjoy Felsa Yehr with coffee. For lunch Der Weichen Gehl melted on a sandwich. For dinner some Der Edel bleu Kase with steak.

What are your family’s favorite cheeses?

Old German Weissa Kase with apple butter, Marn vom Berge Kase with strawberry cranberry preserve, Der Edel Bleu Kase with raspberry-red beet spread.

Christmas Pleasures gift basket

Why do customers like your cheese? What do they tell you?

They generally are people who appreciate good quality food. They say it is rare to find so many outstanding/high quality cheeses from one small producer.

What are the gift baskets like?

45 different assortments featuring our 19 cheeses, 13 condiments, 5 fudges. A wide range of cutting boards, handmade Amish baskets, wooden crates.

Christmas Morning basket

How has your family & community been handling the 2020 covid situation?

School was shut down this spring for the last 7 weeks. We had no church services for about 8 weeks.

How do you and your family usually spend Christmas Day and the season?

We enjoy all being together on Christmas Day singing songs, visiting, and enjoying cheese and charcuterie and dessert plates.

Goot Essa cheese shop

What’s one lesson or thing you’ve learned while running Goot Essa?

I’ve met some really nice people – chefs at the restaurants that we work with who also enjoy showing me what they make.

Christmas Party basket

Where can people get your cheese and baskets, and which are some of your most popular items?

Some of the most popular: Mt. Valley Sharp Cheddar, Cheese Lover’s Dream, Country Basket, Country Party. (800) 490-4387, gootessacheese.com

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  1. Cyn


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    Count me in on the drawing. 🙂 Definitely going to look them up, the family always enjoys trying new cheese’s.

  6. Great Book Idea!

    Hi, I’m an author of Amish fiction with my debut novel coming out May 2021. A future novel of mine may include an Amish cheesemaker like John Esh! I may be in touch!
    Would love to win the basket!

  7. Susan Campbell

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    What a beautiful giveaway. I enjoy reading your posts.

  8. Walter Boomsma

    "Goot" Cheese!

    We ordered several items after the first article this summer and certainly weren’t disappointed! Well, until we ate it all–then we were disappointed there was none left! However, I’m not sure which is better–the cheese or the story. If we are ever allowed to resume our traditional visits to Pennsylvania, we’d definitely love to visit. Congratulations on your deserved success, and best wishes for more.

  9. Everything looks delicious! Anxious to order.

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    I appreciate all your hard work and efforts!!! I have read about and watched programs about making cheese. It is no Easy task!!! But Very rewarding I am Sure! I love the Amish communities, so clean and peaceful….Beautiful landscaping and flowers also! Thank you for all you do and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all your labors!!

  11. Roger Skarr

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    I really enjoyed reading the interview with John Essa Jr. We all should support family business owners during these usually difficult times. Looking forward to having a chance for a taste!

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    Information that’s truly in good taste! 😉

    Thanks so much John Esh and Erik! 🙂

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    What joy it would be to win such a gracious gift. merry Christmas to all of you.

  18. Dianna Micklatcher

    Gift Basket.

    I enjoy the cheeses that are sold at a home show in Grand Rapids, MI. The Amish farm in Stanwood MI brings samples and I always buy what I can afford. The natural processes make for some fine eating, very tasty. I would love to win this gift basket to share with my family. Thank You.

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    I am an Amish driver in Maryland. I live across the street from our local cheese house. I love being in the community and love reading stories on the amishamerica website. Have a great holiday each and every one

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win your lovely cheese and treats gift basket! How kind of you.
    Christmas blessings

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    I’m not good at making candy .

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  40. Holiday Cheese & Fudge Gift Basket Giveaway

    I was in Tennessee recently to bury my mother , her log house caught a fire ! I visited a Amish Farm in Delano, Tennessee, they let me shop even though they were about to close ! I came away from there with the most pleasant feeing from those folks ! I brought back my deceased fathers cedar buggy , he traveled many times to Pennsylvania to visit and purchase buggy parts ! I’m so proud of his buggy !
    I would llove to experience your beautiful cheeses and fudge ! I appreciate your dedication to quality products !

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