God creates us all with unique strengths and weaknesses.  I was never meant to be an IT guy.  That much was written in the stars.  Despite this, I think I’ve figured out most of the font and random-code-gibberish issues on the blog.  After quite a bit of frustration I began to seriously consider picking up the Amish word processor and just composing everything in one of those.  Simple (usually)=better.

I’ve just gotten back to the USA and will be in Lancaster County from next Tuesday August 12th through late September.  Will be living again with some Amish friends, Abe and Sarah, as well as Daniel and Mary, and possibly sleeping in a horse barn or two if I wear out my welcome or if Daniel decides my worth as a manure-sweeper and sometime taxi driver in fact does not equal room-and-board.  The Amish tend to be good at these kinds of cost-benefit analyses.

One thing I’m looking forward to:  as a part of book research I will be doing a fellowship at Elizabethtown College in LanCo.  This should include one or two public lectures on Amish business in late September.  Might be a good chance if you are in the area to kill an hour or two, assuming you’ve already seen Batman, Kung-Fu Panda, and Space Chimps by then.


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