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Answers based on sources including Amish writings and input, scholarly articles and non-fiction books on the Amish. References and further reading listed at bottom of each page.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Amish


Wooden Crosss

  1. Are the Amish Christian?
  2. What are basic Amish religious beliefs?
  3. Why don’t Amish fight in wars?
  4. Do Amish think technology is evil?
  5. Why do Amish believe in separation from the world?
  6. When do Amish get baptized?
  7. Do Amish believe in assurance of salvation?
  8. Why do Amish practice shunning?
  9. Do Amish carry insurance?
  10. Why don’t Amish work on Sundays?
  11. Are the Amish hypocrites?

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The Bible

Corinthians Excerpt

  1. Are Amish allowed to read the Bible?
  2. In which language is the Bible Amish use?
  3. Which version of the Bible do Amish use?
  4. Do the Amish use both Old and New Testament?
  5. Which Scriptures do Amish most frequently use?
  6. Do Amish use the Apocrypha?

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Gray Buggies in Lancaster County

  1. Why do Amish refuse to drive cars?
  2. How much do Amish buggies cost?
  3. Who makes Amish buggies?
  4. How many buggies do Amish own?
  5. How fast do Amish buggies travel?
  6. How far can a horse-and-buggy go?
  7. What colors are Amish buggies?
  8. Are Amish buggies heated?
  9. What safety features do Amish buggies have?
  10. Why do some Amish refuse to use the buggy safety triangle?

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Rustic wooden "Open" sign

  1. Why are Amish businesses closed on Sunday?
  2. What are typical Amish businesses?
  3. How can I find an Amish business?
  4. Why are small businesses popular among Amish?
  5. How many Amish businesses are there?
  6. Do Amish make a lot of money?
  7. Can Amish women run businesses?
  8. What kinds of auctions do Amish hold?
  9. Do Amish have to pay taxes?

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Father and son with fishing pole

  1. Where are Amish children born?
  2. How large is the average Amish family?
  3. Do Amish ever adopt?
  4. How are Amish children disciplined?
  5. What games do Amish children play?
  6. When do Amish children go to school?

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Amish family on walk to church

  1. Do Amish have church buildings?
  2. What’s a church district?
  3. When do Amish create a new church?
  4. Who are the leaders of the Amish church?
  5. How do Amish select ministers?
  6. When are Amish church services held?
  7. How long is an Amish church service?
  8. What happens at an Amish church service?
  9. When are Amish baptized?
  10. What is Council meeting?
  11. When do Amish have Communion?
  12. What happens at Communion?
  13. Do Amish practice footwashing?
  14. What is the Holy Kiss?
  15. What is the Ausbund?
  16. What songs do Amish sing in church?
  17. What does being “in fellowship” mean?
  18. Do Amish bishops control their people?
  19. What do Amish think about other faiths?
  20. Do Amish proselytize?
  21. Can I go to an Amish church service?
  22. Do people ever join the Amish church?

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Blue and green dresses drying

  1. Why do the Amish dress plainly?
  2. Why do Amish women cover their heads?
  3. What is Amish women’s headwear called?
  4. Do Amish women cut their hair?
  5. Why do Amish men wear beards?
  6. Do Amish wear buttons?
  7. Do Amish men wear collars?
  8. What is a mutza suit?
  9. What are broadfall trousers?
  10. Do Amish men wear belts?
  11. Do Amish wear athletic shoes?
  12. Do Amish make their own clothes?
  13. What should I wear if I visit the Amish?

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Black and white profile of carriage

  1. What conflicts have Amish faced?
  2. Do Amish run puppy mills?
  3. Do Amish drink alcohol?
  4. Does abuse happen in Amish communities?
  5. Do Amish always report crimes?
  6. Why are Amish targeted by criminals?
  7. What about the beard-cutting group led by Sam Mullet?
  8. How has fracking affected the Amish?
  9. Do Amish follow building codes?
  10. Can I buy raw milk from the Amish?
  11. Do Amish use corporal punishment?
  12. Can Amish people be individuals?

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Simple Gravestone

  1. Do Amish believe in an afterlife?
  2. How do Amish mourn the deceased?
  3. What happens at an Amish funeral?
  4. Are Amish embalmed?
  5. Do Amish use funeral homes?
  6. Where are Amish people buried?
  7. Who makes coffins for the Amish?

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Front door on Swartzentruber home

  1. Are Amish all the same?
  2. What does Old Order mean?
  3. How many Amish groups are there?
  4. Why are there so many Amish groups?
  5. Who are the most conservative Amish?
  6. Who are the least conservative Amish?
  7. Are there any non-white Amish?
  8. Do all Amish get along?

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Two chimneys on an Amish school

  1. Why does Amish school end at 8th grade?
  2. Do Amish children go to high school?
  3. What are Amish schools like?
  4. When do Amish children go to school?
  5. Do Amish children attend public schools?
  6. Do Amish homeschool?
  7. Do Amish schools offer special education?
  8. Who teaches Amish children?
  9. Can Amish men be schoolteachers?
  10. Who administers Amish schools?

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Amish boys and their sisters

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Mules pulling a plow

  1. Why do Amish revere farming?
  2. Do all Amish like farming?
  3. Why are fewer Amish farming?
  4. Is Amish-grown food organic?
  5. Do Amish farmers use pesticides?
  6. Are the Amish “green”?
  7. Why do some Amish raise tobacco?

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Black and white field

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Cherry Pie Crust

  1. What are popular Amish dishes?
  2. What are popular Amish desserts?
  3. Do Amish grow all their own food?
  4. How do Amish store food?
  5. How do Amish keep food cold?
  6. Do Amish eat fast food?
  7. Is Amish food fattening?
  8. Where can I find Amish recipes?

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Stained wood grain detail

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Courthouse facade

  1. Do the Amish pay taxes?
  2. Do the Amish vote?
  3. Are Amish “Republican” or “Democrat”?
  4. Can Amish run for political office?
  5. What is the Two Kingdoms doctrine?
  6. Do Amish follow the law?
  7. What is the National Amish Steering Committee?

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Doctor's stethoscope

  1. Do Amish believe in modern medicine?
  2. Do Amish visit doctors?
  3. Are the Amish healthier than other Americans?
  4. Do Amish get immunized?
  5. Do Amish carry health insurance?
  6. How do Amish pay hospital bills?
  7. Do Amish practice folk medicine?
  8. Do Amish use alternative medical treatments?
  9. Do Amish travel for medical treatment?

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Willems Anabaptist martyr

  1. Where do the Amish come from?
  2. Where does the name “Amish” come from?
  3. Who was Jakob Ammann?
  4. Who was Menno Simons?
  5. Who were the Anabaptists?
  6. Who was Dirk Willems?
  7. When did the Amish come to America?
  8. Which is the oldest Amish community?
  9. When did Amish disappear in Europe?
  10. Do the Amish change over time?

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Children singing Christmas carols

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Second story of Amish home

  1. What are Amish homes like?
  2. How do Amish decorate their homes?
  3. How do Amish heat their homes?
  4. How do Amish light their homes?
  5. Do Amish homes have shutters?
  6. Do Amish homes have carpets?
  7. Do Amish homes have bathrooms?
  8. Do Amish kitchens have refrigerators?
  9. How do Amish cook food?
  10. Do Amish have upholstered furniture?
  11. How do Amish wash clothes?
  12. Who builds Amish homes?

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Joining the Amish

Three Amish huddled on carriage

  1. Can outsiders join the Amish?
  2. Why do Amish converts leave the church?
  3. How do you become Amish?
  4. Can you keep in touch with family if you join the Amish?
  5. Where can I read about people who’ve become Amish?
  6. Do the Amish seek converts?
  7. When do Amish youth officially join the church?

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Amish children having discussion

  1. What language do the Amish speak?
  2. Why do Amish people call their dialect “Dutch”?
  3. Is the dialect Amish speak the same everywhere?
  4. When do Amish children learn English?
  5. Do Amish speak High German?
  6. Do Amish speak English with an accent?
  7. How can an outsider learn PA Dutch?

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Man and wife

  1. At what age do Amish marry?
  2. Can Amish men have more than one wife?
  3. What’s an Amish wedding like?
  4. When are Amish weddings held?
  5. Do Amish wear wedding rings?
  6. Do Amish couples separate or divorce?
  7. Can Amish remarry after a spouse dies?
  8. Do all Amish marry?
  9. Do Amish husbands control their wives?

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Wheels on Mennonite carriages

  1. How are Amish and Mennonites similar?
  2. How are Amish and Mennonites different?
  3. How many types of Mennonites are there?
  4. Who are the Old Order Mennonites?
  5. Do Amish and Mennonites cooperate?
  6. Where does the name “Mennonite” come from?
  7. Who are the Old Colony Mennonites?
  8. Who are the Beachy Amish?

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Bar of a blue gate

  1. Do Amish pay taxes?
  2. Does a blue gate outside an Amish home have meaning?
  3. Do Amish marry close relatives?
  4. Do Amish use English men to impregnate their women?
  5. Do Amish speak Old English or mix German into their speech?
  6. Is Amish food “all-natural” and organic?
  7. Do Amish think technology is evil?

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Old Age

Elderly Amish couple walking outside

  1. How are older Amish included in the community?
  2. What is a dawdihaus?
  3. When do Amish retire?
  4. Do elderly Amish go to retirement homes?
  5. Do Amish accept Social Security payments?
  6. How many grandchildren do Amish grandparents have?

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English person in Amish crowd

  1. What do Amish call the rest of us?
  2. Do Amish cooperate with non-Amish?
  3. Can I be friends with the Amish?
  4. Can I visit an Amish community?
  5. Do Amish accept outsiders into the church?

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SMC Pentax camera lens

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Amishmen grouped together at auction

  1. Where do Amish live?
  2. Are there any Amish outside America?
  3. How many Amish are there in total?
  4. Are the Amish growing?
  5. How many Amish communities are there?
  6. Which are the largest Amish communities?
  7. Do Amish live in closed colonies?
  8. Why do Amish move to new places?

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Handpainted product list


Football game in the snow

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Amish teen riding on buggy back

  1. What does “Rumspringa” mean?
  2. What is the purpose of Rumspringa?
  3. Are Amish youth encouraged to behave badly during Rumspringa?
  4. Do youth have to follow the rules during Rumspringa?
  5. Why is Rumspringa important?
  6. Do Amish youth leave home during Rumspringa?
  7. Why do Amish have youth groups?
  8. What is a “Buddy Bunch”?
  9. What happens at an Amish youth singing?
  10. Do Amish youth own smartphones?
  11. Do Amish get into trouble during Rumspringa?
  12. What do Amish do on dates?
  13. What is bundling?

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  1. Can Amish use birth control?
  2. Do Amish accept homosexuality?
  3. Is sex education taught in Amish schools?
  4. Does premarital sex occur among Amish?
  5. Does inbreeding happen in Amish communities?

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Solo person walking in field

  1. What is the Bann?
  2. What is shunning?
  3. What is the Ordnung?
  4. Why and how are Amish excommunicated?
  5. Why do the Amish practice shunning?
  6. Who decides whether an Amish church member should be excommunicated?
  7. Who can be shunned?
  8. Are there different types of shunning?
  9. Can former Amish return to the church?
  10. Are the Amish the only religious group that practices shunning?
  11. Isn’t shunning cruel?

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Solar panel detail

  1. Do Amish use technology?
  2. Why do Amish restrict technology?
  3. Why do Amish prohibit public electricity?
  4. Can Amish talk on the telephone?
  5. Do Amish own smartphones?
  6. Do Amish ever use the internet?
  7. Why can Amish use certain technologies outside the home?
  8. Do Amish use tractors?
  9. Do Amish ever adopt new technologies?
  10. How do Amish adapt technology to their needs?
  11. What is “Amish electricity”?

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Plain-dressed family on highway

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Insignia on passenger train

  1. How do Amish get around?
  2. How do Amish travel long distances?
  3. Can Amish fly in airplanes?
  4. Why don’t Amish drive cars?
  5. What is an Amish taxi?
  6. Do Amish travel by train and bus?
  7. Do Amish stay in hotels?

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TV Shows

Antique television

  1. Is “Amish Mafia” real?
  2. Is “Breaking Amish” a realistic depiction of Amish youth?
  3. Why are there so many Amish television programs?
  4. Do the Amish ever watch TV?
  5. What programs or films are reliable sources of info on the Amish?

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White head covering on Amish women

  1. What are traditional Amish female roles?
  2. Do Amish women have the same rights as men?
  3. Do Amish women run businesses?
  4. Are Amish women content?
  5. Are Amish women free to choose?

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Man with reins of horse team

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    1. Donna D.Follin

      Heating, Cooling and Power

      I notice that it says that some Amish use wood stoves for cooking, why do they not use fireplaces for heating then? When I was in Lancaster I saw quite a few wind mills, what are they for? Why don’t they use solar energy since some houses have skylights?

      1. Amish Girl-Rebecca

        Here in Holmes we use a lot of solar power. Also natural gas stoves and furnaces. Windmills are for pumping water.

    2. Jackie

      can not find my answer

    3. john t.

      cedar trees

      amish people make furniture from cedar. my property just got cleared and i have the trees piled up . they can be had for free . i live here in stillwater,ok. please respond.

    4. John Amey

      Amish farmers

      I have often wondered if there were young Amishmen that would like to work on a farm but do not yet have the resources to buy their own. Having described my farm on this site as having a’ three tractor farm with a two horse attitude’, I am still looking for someone that wants to work and learn. Any ideas or observations in communities around the country? I know Amish, young and old work at other crafts but will they farm with an Englishman?
      John Amey

    5. Shaikha


      i have project about Amish Culture and i’m looking forward to contact with you, if is it possible?

      Could you please contact me?


    6. Tim Jacobs

      Work needed

      I am looking to replace a barn roof in Owenton and possibly build a shed on the same property. I would like to get contact information to get a quote. Can you help ?

      Thank You
      Tim Jacobs

      1. Amish Girl-Rebecca

        Dan, give me your physical address and I’ll send you one. Rebecca

        1. DAN GIBBONS

          Dear Rebecca , thank you for answering my ??/ my address is 3350 WEST Hillsborough Ave Tampa Fl 33614 apt 715 can i ask where do you live ?/ hope to see your post card in my mail box in the future DAN GIBBONS do you have a AMISH post office where you live, sorry for this ?/ but just wondering do not know all that much about the AMISH BUT would LOVE to learn more hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY THANK YOU Rebecca

          1. DAN GIBBONS


            i have sent you my mailing address , if you are able to read that message , with my address could you send me a message to my personal e mail address it is as follows CZARRAT@YAHOO.COM i will be waiting by the mail box for a post card from you again THANK YOU D T GIBBONS

        2. Very interested in staying in authentic Amish home for a few days. A friend and I respect the ways of Amish and 1of our dreams is to see 1st hand. Do you know any ?

      2. Work

        Miller’s Roofing
        Dillsburg,PA, USA, 1 717 432 7947


      post card info ???/

      Dear Reader, i collect post cards from many places, would it be at ALL possible to have a post card sent to me from a Amish comuiety ???/any INFO would be warmly welcomed THANK YOU for your time D T GIBBONS

    8. Jeanine Pronk

      looking for my friend from Missouri

      Hi all,

      I am living on the Canary Islands close to the African west coast. Originaly I am from the Netherlands and I am looking for some help.
      In Poplar Bluff Mo in 2002, I met an Amish woman called Peggie Kunkel, who used to live in Wapapello Missouri, close to the lake on a tiny farm. She used to be a home-school teacher and wrote books for the children of the Amish community and before she lived in Pensylvania. .
      Peggie has sufferd from polio and could not use her hand very well. I have been daily in touch with her till 2010. Then she could not use communication by email anymore, but once in a while I would call her. Since 2013 I lost contact.

      Does anybody know if she is still alive and where she is. I would love to hear fromn her again. Or if she passed away, I would like to know as well.

      Who is willing to help? Peggie used to drive a little truck to pick up chickenfood and sell the chickeneggs.
      She used to have many kittens and cats, Elmo, het strauch bird, little dogs and hens.
      She was always dressed in long black dresses till her feet, and wear a white cap on het head. She was very good in making quilts.
      I miss her dearly and hope that someons can help me.
      please email me
      Thank you very much, with kind regards,

    9. Rick Humphreys

      Amish harness shop in western Pennsylvania owned by Floyd

      This might be fruitless, but I’m trying to locate a particular Amish harness shop in western PA. It is described as follows: when coming from the east, it is located in a remote area of western PA and you have to briefly drive thru Maryland to get to it. The harness workshop is run by a fellow named Floyd. Anyone who can help me locate this shop gets a BIG gold star !! thanks very much.

    10. Rose Maria Pruitt

      New Magazine

      Hello I am printing a new Magazine called the Amish Merchant it is a Nationwide Amish and Mennonite Business Directory.
      We have traveled in 10 states and have advertised for several Amish and Mennonite Businesses We had a big request to do this.
      When it is published we would like to know if we could send you a magazine copy. So you can take a look at and maybe mention it on your site. It will be published May 1.2016 Give us your address and we will get out to you.
      Sincerely, Rose Maria Pruitt

    11. Dixie-Lee Campbell

      for research.

      Do Amish use “slickers in the rain?”

    12. Amish Girl-Rebecca

      Yes I wear a rain suit for biking to work or other times I’m caught in the rain.

    13. robin

      I’m in contact with both Amish and Mennonite bishops with conversion to one of them as a goal. I can read the Pa Deitsch bible and easy books but I’m trying to find easy similar to the school books published by Pathways. Does such a thing exist?

    14. Rochelle Ginis


      Is bundling a practice used by the Amish? I remember seeing a small book while visiting in Lancastef PA.

    15. Mary

      Question about bishops

      Hi! I had a quick question: Is there any age limit to Old Order Amish ministers and/or bishops? I understand the bishops are chosen by lot, but is that open to everyone nominated, or is there a age after which they do not serve? Thank you!

      1. Mark -- Holmes Co.

        Hi! I had a quick question: Is there any age limit to Old Order Amish ministers and/or bishops? I understand the bishops are chosen by lot, but is that open to everyone nominated, or is there a age after which they do not serve? Thank you!

        Do you mean is there an age they retire? Sometimes if an ordained man becomes unable to serve because of health or advanced age, he might be asked to be replaced. As for an age after men are not eligible to be ordained, I’ve seen men in their 60’s ordained, but that is not common.

    16. Mary

      Question about bishops

      Thank you Mark! I thought that was probably the custom. 🙂

    17. Drew Lebrecht

      Amish marrying non Amish

      I’ve read that overall Amish men leave the faith more often than Amish women but hear more stories about Amish women falling in love with non Amish men. Is it more common for Amish women to marry non Amish men than Amish men marrying non Amish women? If so,why do more Amish men leave the faith? And for either gender, when an Amish marries a non Amish, is it more likely that the Amish leaves the faith or the outsider joins?

    18. Anne

      Amish Communities


      I live right near Smicksburg, Pennsylvania (in Indiana County.) There are lots of Amish in Smicksburg and I was just wondering if anyone knew what order they are? To me they seem Old Order or Swartzentruber Amish because they seem very conservative. But the Amish in Smicksburg are like so kind and friendly. They wave to strangers and they are always smiling and they always seem so happy. Also, does anyone know what order the Amish in Brush Valley, PA are? The Amish in Brush Valley are probably the nicest Amish I have ever met. Thanks 🙂


      1. Mark -- Holmes Co.

        The Smikcksburg, PA, community has strong ties to the Andy Weaver churches and Geauga Co., Ohio and its daughter-settlements, but are more on the conservative side, so they are between the Swartzentruber groups and the main Old Order groups in Ohio. Brush Valley, PA, is affiliated with Lancaster Co., PA, and its daughter-settlements. We have relatives there, so I’m glad to hear you think they are nice. 🙂 I’ll pass that on!

    19. Irene Guerin

      Travel and staying in a Amish family

      Hello everyone,

      Thank you for allowing me to write in this site, I am looking for information on the Amish way of life since many years,

      I am Canadian and my dream is both to see the Amish festival but also to share for 1 or 2 weeks the lifestyle of an Amish family, to work and live with them,

      who can help me because I have neither friend nor knowledge Of the various American regions where there is a concentration of Amish families

      Also, my English is not very good but still less in german or Dutch …

      Thank you for answering me…

      Have a great Day and Happy New year to all of you

    20. Tina


      Hello everyone,

      I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Amish way of life and would really like to have a penfriend from this community to exchange “old fashioned” handwritten letters.

      If you are interested or if you can help me, please get in touch by email:

      Thank you and take care

    21. Youngie

      I’m a lady of a certain age; I read on your site that the Bride is one year younger than the Husband: Rumspringer?

    22. Doreen Schultz


      How do you get ahold of the amish to put a bid on a roof. I heard they do very good work. but we can not find to to contact them for a bid we live in cedar rapids iowa

    23. Gloria Wagstaff

      Trapping/deaths of sparrows

      Last year while visiting Shipshewana, I visited an Amish street market in town. I noticed that between two stalls a 1-way bird trap cage in which there were several dead sparrows and a live one. It was obvious that there was poisoned wheat within the cage, and it was quite distressing to see a parent bird trying to get out to tend to its offspring that were nearby begging to be fed. I quite understand that it is necessary to control “pests”, but is this trapping of bird common practice? A lady nearby said that the sparrows could be “little devils”. I tend to think that the devil is in one’s own heart.

      1. William C.

        Trapping Pest Birds

        I don’t know if bird traps are common among the Amish but they sure are with us “English” folks! I’m not Amish but I use a trap like that and so do a lot of people I know. It was obvious it was poisoned wheat? How? I gotta ask an Amish friend about that. That’s a lot of bother when just plain grain will bring them in. And you know the birds personally so know they had babies nearby? Hey it is a fact of life that there are pest birds that can cause damage and illness and trapping them is widely practiced. Same goes for mice and rats. And even if you are not concerned about contamination of food-stuffs and spread of disease the sparrows & starlings are driving our native song & beauty birds out and they are declining year by year.

    24. Laurie Sisk

      Amish tree cutters

      I am looking to have someone take down a very large walnut tree in Joplin, Mo. How can I find some Amish gentlemen to do that?

    25. Maggie

      Are there amish in Greece

      Been reading and watching YouTube for a while now. Are there amish in Greece. Would love to meet them. You are kinda like me. I love natural resources and make most of my stuff.

      1. Hi Maggie, there are no Old Order Amish in Greece – none anymore in Europe in fact (not since the 1930s). There are several congregations of a related group, Beachy Amish, in European countries, but no horse-and-buggy Amish – those are only in the US, Canada, and as of last year in a couple locations in South America.

    26. Ben Marais

      Amish in South Africa

      Are there any Amish in South Africa?

    27. Need work done, repair of burnt interior of a garage bay?.

      How do we get in touch to talk to a contractor with question on if willing to repair interior of a burnt garage? Would like to be given an estimate after garage being seen. They can call me at 207-444-6735.

    28. is there any Amish communities in Alberta Canada if so where are they located

      1. There are no Amish in Alberta Marie, they do live in three provinces though – Ontario (largest Canadian population), Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

        There are several communities in Montana, though, which I’d think would be the closest ones to Alberta.

        A couple links which might be handy:

    29. need a new roof

      I am looking for a roofer and i cant seem to find one can you have someone get in touch with me . 2606 jett hill rd. New Richmond, Ohio 45157

    30. Ella Marie Boice

      Tree question

      Do Amish cut trees down at someone’s property for no cost and they take the wood

    31. Donna Soper

      Amish Real Estate

      I’m “English” and moved into a lovely Amish community in Hart County Kentucky last year. In fact, I bought an Amish property and have updated it with the usual English amenities.

      My Amish neighbors, a young couple with four children, brother to the fellow I purchased my property from, have some family in the Salem, Arkansas Amish community and are trying to relocate there. I am trying to help them find a property to relocate to, preferably an Amish property. I’m finding that there is a small number of Amish settled in Arkansas which makes the search more difficult I’m guessing.

      My question is, does anyone know of any internet source for locating Amish properties for sale? Any Arkansas realtors that specialize in Amish sales?

      I appreciate any input.

    32. Bree

      Amish Old Maids & Reality

      I admit I like reading Amish fiction novels sometimes but I know they’re fictional. I like them as much as about any light fictional novel.

      But what I read about over and over again is the storyline of the girl who thinks she’s going to be the old maid of the community when suddenly some kind and handsome and generous Amish man returns to the community or moves there and by the end of the novel there’s a wedding and a happily ever after. I think that’s just how novels go!

      I wonder what life really would be like for these girls once they grew up and if they didn’t have their magical Amish prince charming discover them.

      What if for some reason a girl never married say she wasn’t asked, not that she didn’t want to get married and have a family of her own but it’s she never had the chance to do it.

      Are there women like that in the Amish community? What would they really be doing around the time they were 20, 30, 40, 50? Would they mostly take care of nieces and nephews or teach school? Would they be happy or always regret they didn’t get to live a life like they’d dreamed of and that their sisters did? Is there a place in the Amish community for single women to find any type of happiness or contentment, are they ever valued by others or are they more like unwanted and leftover extras who are ignored?

      I can’t find anything real on this only fiction. I wondered if you’d posted about it and I missed it. Thank you.

    33. Melissa

      Want to find an amish home to stay at

      As yet another day passes, I am more and more compelled by the Father to find an amish family to let me stay with them so I can find out if that’s His will for me. I would like to make a postal friendship with someone who is willing to direct me further. Thank you

    34. rosemary higgins

      My friend and I are planning a visit to new York, jersey city new jersey april 2018.
      We would like to know if we can visit the amish community. We both practice arts and crafts and are very interested to observe your crafting style and way of life.
      We would like your guidance on how to go about a proper visit to you and distance and expected travel time,by coach plane or train.
      Kind regards

      1. Rosemary, these are two of the most prominent sites dedicated to tourism in Lancaster County, PA, which would probably be the best bet if you are going to the NY/NJ area. There ought to be helpful info as to your questions on these sites:

    35. finding amish food sales

      Hi we are looking to get on an e mailing list for when Amish soup, bases,, pasta cheeses jams, jellies, and other foods are sold the E & S SALES IN INDIANA are not shipping via warehouse any more and we used to buy from sales at local hospitals during a 2 day sale…i used to get food from rush hospital and edwards hospital but we do not have dated for 2018 we love the foods from the Amish and would love to find sales that sell what weve been buying we live in illinois by the zip code of 60190

    36. Ryan

      Amish Framers - Stick built construction

      I am an owner-builder looking for quality Amish framers for new construction of my house in Washington County, PA. I already have the plans, it has been difficult to find contacts for Amish framers for my area. Thanks for any help in this matter.

    37. Ginger Groff

      Help with cleaning barn

      My daughter has a barn with 4 stalls. She has 2 ponies, 1 horse and 1 miniature horse. She has hired people to help muck the stalls but they have been unreliable. I suggested she try and find an Amish boy in her area that would like to make some money. She has her own business and is so busy she really needs the help. I just don’t know how to go about finding someone.

      Any suggestions?
      Ginger Groff

      1. Ginger Groff

        Manheim PA

        This is in Manheim PA

    38. kitchen cabinets

      I am looking for quotes on kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodel. This is my second request. Perhaps someone in Penn Yan, NY?

    39. Dennis Rotzoll

      Self protection

      How do the Amish respond when asked about the following questions on self protection as it relates to the bible?
      Luke 22: 36-38
      2 Corinthians 11:26-27
      John 18: 22-23
      JOHN 8: 59
      John 15:14

    40. K.N. Pugh

      Interested in doing business with Amish furniture craftsmen

      I am with a small start up company and we have interest in doing business with Amish furniture craftsmen. Would like to talk to them about making our designs. Product is relatively simple, volume will start out low and has potential to increase dramatically. We are located in Southwest Missouri.

    41. What can I give to an Amish family as a Thank You gift.

      Hello Folks,

      I recently had the occasion to do some business with two Amish businesses. One was fairly large, with 15 or so employees, and the other was strictly a single family business conducted by parents and children. My experiences were both warm and friendly and of a very high quality. I feel very fortunate to have found both of these opportunities. I feel as though I would like to do something to show my sincere appreciation. I have an idea for the small business, but I don’t have a clue as to what I can give to this wonderful family. I surely am not going to bake them a pie or share my mother’s brownies! Can anyone suggest a Thank You gift for a very nice Amish family?


      1. Amish thank-you gifts

        John we’ve had some good discussions on this topic which I’ll point you towards, hope they’re helpful:

    42. I am getting the idea ...

      Thanks for the great tip, Erik. I think I am getting the idea. By the way, the “headlamp” next to the bed is a great idea for all of us Old Timers. Thanks again. John



      I am looking for an Amish cabinet builder & installer business in the Cincinnati OH area. Who do you recommend. Thank you.

    44. Catherine Albert

      Is there an "Amish Real Estate Service?"

      Hi! I know that Amish folk often leave their home colony to establish a new colony elsewhere. Is there an “Amish Real Estate Service” that collects farm listings for the Amish? My family farmstead in Northern Maine is up for sale. In addition to our land, there is other land in the area that would be available. We keep thinking that it would make a good Amish farmstead, but we don’t know how to get the word out. There is a fairly new Amish colony about 60 miles from our land. Thank you.

    45. John M Washbush

      Do Amish businesses "follow-up" with their non-Amish customers?

      I have had the occasion to do business with an Amish builder and a separate Amish carpenter three different times. During those times, I got to know a number of men very well. I am extremely happy with the work they did and the products I received. In fact, I still feel like they bent over backwards to give me precisely what I wanted. I have tried to show my appreciation. At Christmas, instead of sending a card, I wrote each of them a personal letter and mailed it to them. I did the same at Easter. I have recommended people to them who tell me that they are a pleased as I was. They know that I am still here.

      So, my question is simply, “Why do I never hear from them?” So far they have built two big sheds for me and put a huge deck on one of them. There are more things that I could do and use, but I feel kind of funny if I have to run them down. Why is that? Are they trying to tell me that they prefer not to know me except to do the specific work that I need to have done? And then, I have to go to them and ask for it? Is there some kind of social prohibition that limits contact with non-Amish people to specifically work related things?

    46. Terry

      returning to Amish

      I’m Amish. Started out growing up that way, but was put into public school and they taught English instead. They put me into Speech Class saying it was to help me pronounce my letters correctly. Didn’t know it was a technique to change my language altogether. And not only that my style of living changed. I still have some Amish ideals in me. But now I don’t know my Amish family at all. They are even distant relations and don’t know me. What I want is to return to Amish living, but I don’t know how or who to get in touch with. Please help.

      1. MW

        Getting in Touch with Amish Relatives

        Contact the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center, using this email: and give your parents’ names and DOB’s and the library can find your relatives using the data-base for genealogies & the collection of Amish directories.

    47. Clara Bow

      Do Amish pass a driver‘s licence (to drive someone‘s car)?
      What do they do during „Rumspringa“?
      Is there something they miss being Amish?
      Do they celebrate birthdays?
      How do you say „Good morning“ and „Happy Birthday“ in Pennsylvania German?
      Do Amish have pets?
      Is there a possibility for Amish to go to university?
      What percentage of Amish people do work fulltime in farming?
      How man Amish enterprises are there nowadays?
      Do Amish people also travel abroad?
      How many Old Order live in the USA today?
      Do you think it would be possible for me to interview an Amish person?

    48. Clara Bow

      Do Amish pass a driver‘s licence (to drive someone‘s car)?
      What do they do during „Rumspringa“?
      Is there something they miss being Amish?
      Do they celebrate birthdays?
      How do you say „Good morning“ and „Happy Birthday“ in Pennsylvania German?
      Do Amish have pets?
      Is there a possibility for Amish to go to university?
      What percentage of Amish people do work fulltime in farming?
      How man Amish enterprises are there nowadays?
      Do Amish people also travel abroad?
      How many Old Order live in the USA today?
      Do you think it would be possible for me to interview an Amish person?+

      Thank you so much for your effort!

    49. Bill Austin

      Amish made offer on my property and 1000 square foot building in Belfast NY

      I am selling a property with 1000 square foot house / cabin on it , 5 acres put it up for sell and young couple newly married came looked at it twice and then contacted realator to show it , elder of the community group , father to the young man came in made a official offer to buy the property which I accepted . Stating they were going to get the funding

      The realator has tried for 7 days to find out what is going on with the purchase as the family has not called back that funding is in place and sign the contract , we realize this is unconventional as they will take out the electric , and won’t have to follow the same lending issues as a regular mortgage

      Is this normal for the family to take so long to respond thank you

    50. Bill Austin

      Amish offered to buy my property

      Amish made offer on my property and 1000 square foot building in Belfast NY

      I am selling a property with 1000 square foot house / cabin on it , 5 acres put it up for sell and young couple newly married came looked at it twice and then contacted realator to show it , elder of the community group , father to the young man came in made a official offer to buy the property which I accepted . Stating they were going to get the funding

      The realator has tried for 7 days to find out what is going on with the purchase as the family has not called back that funding is in place and sign the contract , we realize this is unconventional as they will take out the electric , and won’t have to follow the same lending issues as a regular mortgage

      Is this normal for the family to take so long to respond thank you