Do Amish eat pork?

Pork and other meats make up a significant part of the Amish diet

amish eat porkUnlike some other religious traditions, Amish have no restrictions against eating meat from pigs and hogs.

In fact, pork makes up a significant part of the Amish diet, in the form of bacon, ham, sausage, and pork chops, among other meat items.  Amish often raise and fatten a pig or two, to be slaughtered in the autumn, and then processed and eaten through the winter.

Amish eat a variety of other meats as well, including chicken and beef.  Indeed, an Amish vegetarian is a rare thing.  Amish, who tend to do farm work and other manual labor, are known to have hearty appetites.

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Photo credit: Eliane Correa

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    1. Marlene


      This question makes me chuckle. I had a disagreement with a young woman a few years ago, who thought that the local school district should remove pork from the menu, because it violated certain cultural and religious beliefs. I responded that eating pork was a part of my culture, and how dare she force a school district to prefer one culture over another. So, I contend, that yes, Amish and Mennonite (which I claim as my culture) definitely consume pork, in any all all forms! If you can prepare a proper pig’s stomach, now that’s something.

    2. JayJay

      Jesus Chris was raised Jewish and never ate pork in his life. Pork is banned in the old testament. The pork eating habit is definitely a thing from the days of European dark ages and pagan culture much like
      the other things that have crept – idolatry and other pagan festivals. So,I don’t think there is anything to be proud about regarding eating pork.

      1. melanie


        totally see ur point there!

      2. Andrew

        After you Melanie

        Right after you eat rats and dogs I will do it to

      3. marilyn


        The bible was never meant to be a how to book…we are either good or
        Evil…Christ is the only perfect man and pork was not something
        Jews ate because they were filthy animals,today they are shoved into small spaces under horrible conditions…they are a force fed,fattened animals with high purine content causing kidney disease…

      4. George Matovich

        Pork and CHRIST?

        3 years later do any of you think that in the early days even the Jewish people did not eat pork? Did the Jews even RAISE pigs n Circa 0?
        I have read that the reason they do not is that the pig is only raised for food. The cow runs the treadmill so it is edible. It does work. I would suggest that the prohibition against PORK is strictly religious,as is the Hindu against eating cows.


        1. George Matovich

          To Jay Jay

          Jay Jay,
          Can you tell me when the first Bible was written? You speak as though it was either before or shortly after the death of Christ It may have been 500 years later. I DID say WRITTEN.

          Did the Jewish people even HAVE swine at the time of the Bible or the first writings of the Torah?

          Melanie, there ARE countries where rats and dogs ARE considered delicacies. Cats, too as well as grubs, possums, skunks, whatever

          YOU are the one with the problem. Everything is edible. You have an aversion, good on you.

          1. Ram

            Pork & the Bible

            Matovich writes as if HE knows about the history of the written Bible – his comment about 500 years makes no sense. Firstly, his question betrays his lack of knowledge of the Bible itself: Old and New Testaments and their writings. Enough said – George will not accept correction anyway.
            For others, eat what you like if it doesn’t hurt. God has “cleansed” them. Be wise in your choice in relation to HEALTH.

      5. John smoth


        I just love bacon! Bacon and eggs, bacon cheese burgers, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped filet mignonette, bacon pizza, bacon ice cream, Mmmmm good. I also love BBQ Ribs!

    3. Charlie

      I eat pork and follow Jesus Christ, I know I am a sinner, however eating pork doesn’t condemn me. It is an animal God made for me to use. Take that ignorance!

      1. J

        Actually Charlie. G-d did not make pigs for you to eat, in Genesis1:29-30, all of the fruits and vegetables were to be for meat. And pork is never again mentioned from their, up untill Leviticus, of which is banned again.

        And you do not eat pork while following The Messiah, you eat pork because a false apostle tells you all foods are clean. The same “apostle” who twists scripture to deny The Law, a tactic very much used to say that The Messiah say’s all food’s are clean as well. Yet negate the fact, The Messiah was speaking to the pharisee’s in regards to ritual hand washing (of which is not a commandment)

      2. melanie

        so every animal that God made are for you to eat?then why don’t u eat the rats & dogs too?

        1. Andrew

          Comment on do Amish eat pork

          I don’t eat pork, Melanie. But that doesn’t automatically mean I DONT eat rats or dogs

    4. PORK

      God forbid eating pigs in the Bible and Torah And Quran Because its a fitly
      animal eats anything even its own.God created big to clean the earth from garbage.