Come take a ‘drive’ through a PA Amish community


It might not be too clear in the photo, but in the New Wilmington, Pennsylvania Amish settlement, even the milk house doors get painted blue.  Photo from late September 2007.

And if you’d like to get a closer look at this community, Bill shares how, thanks to some lovely Google technology:

PA 208 is available in “Street View” on Google maps. The Amish settlement runs from Volant to the east of New Wilmington and to Pulaski to the west. On Google maps type in New Wilmington PA and you will find Rt. 208. Zoom in at the Intersection of 208 and Mercer Rd.and turn the image and you will find an Amish schoolhouse.

Travel west in street view and past this same intersection you will come upon two women in an open buggy on their way to work. 360’s east and west of New Wilmington will give you views of Amish farms, barns, homes and outbuildings. A few more buggies are on the road elsewhere. The light blue doors tell you you’re in Amish country.

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    1. That sounds really neat!

    2. amanjo

      I really enjoyed that “drive” through Amish country. Thank you to you and Bill for sharing those directions!