A nice article came out over the weekend in the Denver Post on new Colorado Amish settlements.  This group has received  a lot of attention lately, especially in the context of Amish migration.  Writer Ann Schrader includes some interesting information on how Amish have adapted to the local economy.

The land is not as conducive to farming as acreage in some Amish communities in the West, a fact that played out to the detriment of previous Amish attempts to settle Colorado. Businesses Amish are involved in include carpentry, baking, and bootmaking (read more on Denver Amish Furniture).

colorado amish

The Colorado families seem a good-natured bunch and not too terribly shy in the face of media attention, permitting numerous photos for the article, such as the one above of an Amish woman hanging rugs (taken by Judy DeHaas/Denver Post).  And at the end of the article, one Amishman interviewed by Schrader shares a classic joke on why Amish have so many children.  Read more on Colorado Amish in the Amish State Guide.


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