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When was the last time you went car shopping?  Have a fun time?

If you were buying new, odds are you had to pick through a whole pile of choices.

Amish buggy buyers have their fair shake of options to choose from too–everything from the upholstery to the lighting to the dash to the battery holder (a relatively new feature in Lancaster County has the battery mounted on the undercarriage of the buggy rather than inside, for safety in case of an accident).

You can order your buggy custom-made, or you can do as the young couple in the photo above is doing, and pick up a used ride at a sale.

Last year I took a friend’s son on a buggy buying trip to Weavertown Coach (you may know it; this is the shop off of Route 340, the main drag going through Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand, has a “Water for your Horse” sign outside).

He had a full checklist of options to choose from.  Picking out the upholstery was a challenge.  He wanted a purplish tone but knew Mom and Dad would appreciate a more conventional shade.   I can’t remember what he went with.  I think it was the purple.

One thing he didn’t have to worry about, though, was the exterior “paint job”.

That comes standard.

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Photo credit: Lisa G

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