Marlene Shares 6 Homemade Crafts (Including “Seed Bombs”)

In our latest video, Marlene Lehman of Plain & Simple shares a collection of homemade crafts. And, she explains how two of them are made.

The first one, “seed bombs”, I had never heard of before. But what a neat, simple idea. I like the idea of sending these organic gifts in letters.

Marlene shows the tin can candle

I also ask Marlene to explain how long it takes to make the kitchen towel apron she shares – and if she believes I could make it 🙂

Here are (some of) the crafts Marlene shares:

  • Kitchen Boa
  • Seed Bombs
  • Stencil-painted Tablecloth
  • Kitchen Towel Apron
  • Tin Can Candle

This was fun for me, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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    One Comment

    1. J.O.B.

      The seed bomb is interesting. As the paper dries, the seeds end up sticking to it. Almost like glue. And the paper will naturally break down in time and the seed can germinate. You can also gently pack the seed into a small ball of dirt. Helps protect the seeds from being eaten by birds and gives them time to germinate. I heard some people throw them in open fields and let nature do its thing.