Amish Woman Marlene Lehman Shares Her Typical Day (Video)

I recently sat down for an hour-long conversation with Marlene Lehman, who is a member of an Old Order Amish church in the Shipshewana, Indiana area.

Image: Jim Halverson

I really enjoyed speaking with Marlene as we talked about life in northern Indiana, how things have changed, tourist visitors, things she misses about the farming life, and what Marlene does to help run Plain & Simple magazine, along with co-founder Melissa Hunter.

In this excerpt video, Marlene takes us through her typical day, starting with the 5am breakfast she makes for her husband.

Marlene’s typical day includes trips into town, talking with customers, and whatever else needs doing.

We also talk about how technology has entered Amish life in different ways, and the RV industry and local businesses. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Runtime: 9:43.

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    1. JOHN

      Amish lifestyle

      I found this very interesting. On her children 2 of them have left the Amish lifestyle they still interact with them. I have read other articles in which the children have left the Amish lifestyle and they are then shunned and do not speak with the family or parents. Also this appears to be a more progressive community as she spoke of talking to her daughter every day.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Glad you liked it John. Yes this is one of the most progressive communities. And there are different approaches to church discipline in different Amish groups – traditionally “strict” shunning and mild shunning. It may be observed for awhile but then cease. In some groups it is done symbolically at best. In the strictest groups it can be quite harsh by some accounts.

    2. J.O.B.

      Only 15 seconds in and I’m commenting already.

      That image of pancakes and sausage….I’d wake up at 5 a.m. every morning as well if my breakfast looked that good.

      Now I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

      1. Erik Wesner


        I’d have that every morning, if I could. I’d probably need a more active job to burn those calories though 🙂 That was a stock breakfast photo, but maybe I need to ask Marlene what 5am breakfasts in her house typically look like.

    3. Judy Pasqualone

      Very interesting

      This lady is very interesting and so busy. Obviously they use more modern technology running the magazine, craft shows, communication with family. I could listen to her talk forever. Thank you.

      1. Erik Wesner

        There will be a part 2 with Marlene, so stay tuned!

    4. Francine M Roccuzzo

      I love learning about the Amish. They are good people.

    5. Loretta Shumpert


      What a delightful lady. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

      1. Erik Wesner

        I’m always happy when people enjoy these and get something from them. Big thanks to Marlene.

    6. JOHN

      Milking the cows

      One comment Marlene made was that they don’t milk the cows by hand anymore I would guess they use an automatic milking machine my grandparents had a small farm in Ohio that was more than a dairy farm as they also grew crops to sell but I remember watching the milking machine run when they milked the cows in the afternoon. I am interested in how big their holding tank is and how they keep it refrigerated until pick up. Do they use electricity from the pole or do they run a generator.

    7. Plain and Simple magazine

      How do we subscribe to get this or can we get a copy mailed to us if we pay for this? I’m in Ontario Canada