I’m away from the computer for a couple of days, but have auto-posted some hat shop photos.

The first is from the Nappanee, Indiana Amish community.  Nappanee is the 3rd-largest Amish community in Indiana, and 6th-largest in the nation.  There is also a small Old Order Mennonite community near Nappanee:

amish hats nappanee

You can see a few different styles here (notice the bottom row).

And even more variety from the Clymer, New York Amish community:

amish hat shop new york

As you’d expect, Lancaster County is home to a couple of hat shops as well.

You might remember an ad for one in this post on the Lancaster County Business Directory.  Here is a close-up.  I’ve always loved the name of this shop:

flying cloud amish hats

That’s it for today.  If you like, you can read more on why Amish wear Plain clothing.

Photo credits: Nappanee hat shop: ChicagoGeek; Clymer hat shop: Karen Johnson-Weiner

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