CNNMoney article and video on Amish Business

Just got back from Holmes County, and have a good bit of posts from that trip–among other things, I visited Raber’s bookshop, attended a New Order church service, and generally stayed out of trouble.  More to come.

But since it’s just out today, I wanted to share two things:  first, an Amish business article from  It’s a nicely done piece by Geoff Williams, with contributions from a pair of Amish business owners, one in PA and one in Ohio.

Great quote from Ohio furniture maker Myron Miller:    “The smarter you get, and the more technology you use for your business, the more impact it has on families…”  The example he goes on to share is an interesting one.

I visited a bit with Myron while in Ohio.  He is very big on the issue of technology and how it can impact Amish society–especially the youth.

Also, there is a companion video, which was shot at a Pennsylvania Dutch market in York County, one which I often mention:  the Markets at Shrewsbury.  CNN came down for the day and we had a lot of fun.  You can find that video here.  You may recognize a few people!

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    1. Sarah

      I was so excited when I went to CNN’s website this morning and saw the article; I knew right away who they were talking about. I’ve been reading the blog for a couple years, and have always appreciated your balanced, unfetishistic, non-sensational approach to all things Amish – a rarity on the internet. And now I’m not just excited for your success, but excited that your kind of approach could have an effect on the way the mainstream discusses Amish culture.

    2. Sarah how kind of you to comment. I do hope the book can have a positive impact in some way. Thanks for checking in here and please do again anytime.

    3. Watched the video my friend and shared it too!

    4. Christina

      Nice article and video! It’s good to put a face to the man behind this great blog I’ve been reading!

    5. Ann Whitaker

      Erik–what a great piece, and good video. I had a chuckle to myself tonight as I viewed this–bet there’s never been a recall on Amish buggies. 🙂 Thanks for continuing to delight and educate! Best to you.

    6. Congrats on the publicity, Erik!

    7. Abigail

      Wow! Neat video. The Market looks so nice. It’s in PA, correct?

    8. Christina, Ann, Brad, thanks a bunch! Abigail, yes it is on I-83 in southern York County. If you’re ever in the area stop by and say hi to the vendors! Here is the site:

    9. Cleone

      not all Amish are as you protray them to be…

    10. Abigail I wouldn’t hold my breath on that recall either!

    11. David Crozier

      Great segment; clear, concise, & complete. They must be doing something right 90% of the businesses go past 5 years.

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