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Amish Roofing OHAmish roofing contractors provide services throughout the Buckeye State, including roof repair, re-roofing, new roof installation, shingle repair and replacement, metal roofing, and more.  Check the directory below to find an Amish roofer in Ohio.

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Please note: Many of the following companies are Amish-owned and operated.  Some are owned by non-Amish roofing contractors who employ Amish workers.  Policies and services may change, please double-check with the roofer for current information and details on getting a roofing estimate.  View the main directory of Amish roofers including companies in states such as PA and IN.


Quite a few Amish roofing contractors provide services in the greater Cleveland area, including Lake and Cuyahoga Counties.  Ohio’s second biggest Amish population is centered in nearby Geauga County, home to a number of Amish roofers.

Hershberger Roofing & Siding
Middlefield, OH
(440) 638-1206‎
Hershberger Roofing & Siding is an Amish-owned and operated business, and has been providing roofing services for the past 10 years. Amish craftsmen perform high quality work including roof installation, roof repair, roof inspections, as well as energy-efficient and eco-friendly roofing solutions. Roofs can be customized to fit any specifications.

Amish Roofing
1306 Moore Rd
Orwell, OH 44076
This company provides a broad range of services including home remodeling, residential roofing, commercial roofing and more.

Amish Owned Roofing Specialist
Chardon, OH 44024

Able Amish Roofing
Akron, OH 44312
(330) 899-9710

Amish Roofing & Construction
5504 Adams Ave
Ashtabula, OH 44004
(440) 319-4594

Kline Roofing
1202 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 347-3601‎
Amish-owned Kline Roofing offers complete roofing services including new roofing, roof restoration, roof repair after wind and hail damage, siding, windows, gutter, gutter guards and other exterior products. This business employs experienced Amish workers on its crews.  Fully insured.

Amish Builders
11722 Akron Canfield Rd
North Jackson, OH 44451

Jacob Yoder – Amish Carpentry
125 County Rd 30A
Jeromesville, OH 44840

Northcoast Housewrights
PO Box 279
Madison, OH 44057
Non-Amish company employing Amish roofers. Does work in the following areas: Lake, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Ashtabula County.

Roof Replacement Ohio
Amish workers do roof replacement in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and other locations throughout Ohio


The Holmes County Amish community is home to numerous Amish construction companies, including roofing contractors.  Amish in this community and others in central Ohio provide roofing services in the greater Columbus area.

Charm Builders
Millersburg, OH
(330) 893-7663‎
Charm Builders specializes in re-roofing; also installs new roofs, siding, windows and guttering.  Amish roofing crews perform solid constructions work to fit any specifications using high-quality materials.  Home waterproofing and weatherizing.

Yoder’s Outdoor
4964 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 601-0016‎
Carries indoor and outdoor products including furniture, cabins, play sets and storage buildings.   Also provides re-roofing and re-siding services.

Troyer Roofing
Laurelville, OH 43135

Matt Quinn & CO Amish Roofing
2806 Woodberry Road
Bellville, OH

Ohio Metal Roofing
Wengerd Homes Certified Drexel Metals, Metal Roof Installer
Serving Central Ohio
All work is done by William Wengerd of Wegerd Homes located out of Fredericktown.


While the larger Amish settlements are located in other regions of the state, some Amish roofing companies do service the greater Cincinnati area. Some Amish roofers servicing Cincinnati and southern Ohio may in fact be located in neighboring states such as Kentucky and Indiana.

Amish Renovations
11380 Grooms Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(800) 956-9910
Insured Amish construction company doing new roofing, siding, decks, gutters, and more, along with interior work. New residential roof can be installed within two weeks.

Amish roofing crew photos: WCN 24/7/flickr

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    1. Pamela Phillips

      Are there roofers near Hillsboro, Ohio?

      We would like to get an estimate for a metal roof on a house off of 138 between Hillsboro and Greenfield. This is the house my mother lives in. I live in Indiana and have 2 sisters in Columbus. Please let us know if there are any roofers in the area. We have heard good things about Amish workmanship and pricing.
      Thank you,
      Pamela Phillips

    2. need a crew to tear a barn down

      need a crew close to marysville ohio to tear down a barn Ron 9375370559

    3. Krzysztof Waluszko

      need new siding on garage

      would like to get new vinyl siding on a 2 car garage, looking for an estimate. If you could reach us at 2165873205, leave a message if no answer thank you

    4. Judy Phillips


      Need to demolish old 7 bay garage and replace with new 4 1/2 bay garage/storage facility in Marietta, Ohio. Are there any Amish work crews in this area interested and qualified for this project?

    5. Patricia Blake

      I am looking for someone to give me an estimate on the cost of building a small home (1173 square feet) in Cutler, OH.

      1. Ronald channell custom builder..


        I need a roofer to lay 7/16 Osb , and metal barn material.
        4/12 pitch
        16 ft. Off ground..
        Job: pataskala Ohio.
        Material purchased by builder..
        Thank you

    6. Roof applicators

      Looking for contractors or individuals to apply commercial roof systems. High profit margins!!8142296218

    7. reflective insulation

      We are a distributor of reflective insulation used in roofing and under siding and is very cost effective and comes with a full 20 yr warranty. Our warehouse is centrally located in ohio for quick on time delivery ( in stock items ). Please call John for pricing and availability.

      John Weisflock
      Thermal Building Concepts
      (419) 602-1837

    8. Liz temple

      Loose shingles

      I had a new roof replaced using Amish Roofers Renovations. Would like to have the loose shingles repaired. Thanks
      Liz Temple

      1. Liz, you need to contact the people you worked with directly. This is just a business directory page. Your message won’t get to them unless you call them yourself.

    9. Ani Brown

      Scioto County

      I am trying to find out if there are any groups working in the Southern Ohio Area. The farthest south I have found is Laurelville. I am in the West Portsmouth area and need a house with shingles re-roofed with metal panels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      1. J & M Amish Contractors does roof work

        Ani, you’re in a less-Amish part of Ohio, but there are some Amish not too far away. This is the only contact I have for your general area, they are about an hour north of you in Kingston area.

        The website describes them as doing some roof work, not sure if you are in their coverage area, but Amish are known to go up to 2 hours away pretty regularly so good chance you might be. Looks like the site is run by a non-Amish third party, I’ve never had any contact with these people personally, but you might give it at try:

        J & M Amish Contractors
        13410 South Perry Road
        Kingston, OH

        1. Metal Roofs in Central Ohio

          We have a company that we would like to get listed in your Amish directory, what do we need to do


          Ohio Metal Roofing
          Wengerd Homes Certified Drexel Metals, Metal Roof Installer
          Serving Central Ohio

          All work is done by William Wengerd of Wegerd Homes located out of Fredericktown

          Susan Abbott

          Ohio Metal Roofing


    10. Stella Noel


      We are private home owners that purchased a 1935 farm home in Boliar, ohio. We would like to contract your company to install a steel roof. Possibly and full home makeover. We will be filming the makeover with a professional company. Would you be interested in this marketing opportunity? This home will need to be evaluated for structural soundness.

      Thank you

      1. i would be interested to look at your project u can reach me at fmast@amish

    11. AnnaLee Kemp


      I am looking for roofers in the Findlay, Ohio area. I hope you can help.

    12. Steve Burnett

      Looking for Amish construction workers

      We are in need of a tear off and reconstruction of a one story frame home approx. 26ft. wide and 41 ft. long wanting to replace shingles with metal standing seam or performance type metal in the Wilmington ohio (Clinton County ) area please help us

    13. Lalit Gupta

      Truss and roof installer

      I have a fire damage building and needs following repair:
      replace 35 trusses
      replace partial roof above the trusses and
      repair the back wall

      1. Lalit Gupta

        The building is in Huber Height Ohio

    14. Roslyn Etter

      Need help

      I have a 49 x 67 barn, over 100yrs old, falling down in my back yard. Would like an estimate for reclaiming materials and building a garage on same property. In Ashley, OH, north of Columbus. 740-815-4981

    15. Tom Marthaller

      Any Amish Roofers in Dayton?

      I have a house in Dayton that needs a new roof. Are there any Amish roofers that can do this?

      1. Gene Blair

        Any Amish roofers in Dayton?

        Did you get a reply to your question?

    16. mike suermondt

      need roofers

      Need teardown and rebuild approx 1500 square Ft roof, single story near Malta Ohio. Slate. Possibly three other related roofing projects depending on price and availability.I can do the slate if I have to, but I can’t build the structure. Thanks.

    17. need metal roofers for estimates

      I need to get my 120 year old barn done in metal roof and sides or if new hemlock is better price I can go either way. Will need done befor winter 2015
      Thank you


      Need bids

      Need metal roof and siding or hemlock siding.
      call me 814-431-0072
      Before winter 2015

    19. Tim Cunningham

      Metal Roof

      Need a metal roof for an addition on a house in Boardman Ohio. Need done by fall. Not a large job, looking for estimates.

    20. Brenda Mackanick

      Contractor for Crown Molding

      Need to hire a trim contractor in Farmington Pa Need done asap

    21. Zetta


      Need a new roof for the house and a new roof for a patio would like to have an estimate and would like to have this done before winter comes in

    22. Tim Jacobs

      Metal Roof

      I am looking to get an estimate to replace a damaged roof on an old Barn in Owenton Ky. How do I go about getting an Estimate

    23. Eugene

      Multiple projects in Chesterland, OH

      I need contractors for multiple projects on a residential property in Chesterland, OH, including a gable dormer, a room addition and a barn roof repair.

    24. kevin radwanski

      northwest ohio - toledo area

      A friend living in the Toledo Ohio area told me they had their roof replaced several years ago by your Amish Roofers. She can not find the contact information. She told me to just Google Amish Roofers but I am having problems finding Amish Roofers in Toledo NorthWest Ohio area. I am currently looking to have my house roof replaced.

    25. World class roofin

      Amish roofer

      If any one is lookin for an Amish roofer in ohio an wv contact world class roofing henry 330 317 5851 most jobs completed in one day with a crew of 5 guys

    26. Justin Snyder

      Chestnut Oak Construction

      Chestnut Oak Construction is a Amish Pre-Engineered Metal building Erector/ Rough Carpentry/ Metal Roofing/ Steel Erector We are located in the Dayton Area but cover most of Central OH.
      Contact Justin Snyder 614-595-5035

    27. Central and Southern Ohio- Elite Commercial (&residential) Roofing

      Elite crew of Old Order Amish Craftsman and “english” business owners. Several years experience. Conklin Roofing Systems Master Contractors. Commercial jobs of 100,000+ sq to residential jobs. Check out our webpage or find us on Fb at Elite Commercial Roofing & Construction or call us.. 740-245-2436.
      We service the tri-state area of Ohio/Wv & Ky. Free on-site inspections and estimates.
      We also do construction- garages, pole barns, cabins and outbuildings.

      1. webpage ^

        Elite Commercial Roofing webpage- (currently under construction)

      2. Marvin Huffman

        Re-roof a double in Brookville ohio

        Two story double ,tear off existing shingles ,install new drip edge ,shingles, ice guard call me 937 231-0997

      3. Marvin Huffman

        Re-roof a double in Brookville ohio

        Two story,tear off existing shingles ,install new drip edge ,shingles, ice guard call me 937 231-0997

      4. Marvin Huffman

        Re-roof a double in Brookville ohio

        Two story,tear off existing shingles ,install new drip edge ,shingles, ice guard
        call me 937 231-0997

    28. Ann Harlow

      Need Barn Roof repair


      I need a barn roof and some trusses repaired in Trotwood near Dayton, Ohio. One section of the roof will need to be replaced,

    29. Georgie Roscoe

      Pergola or gable roof over patio

      Looking for estimate for a coverec pergola or roof over our patio

    30. RUBY EGLE

      Slate roof repair

      Hi. I need the slate repaired in a couple spots on my 150 year old original roof on my home. Also flashing around chimney and pipe vent etc. I live in LODI . Ohio 2 miles from I.71 and 1 mile from 224..thank you..

    31. Need a barn roof quote in London Ohio


      I’m interested in having a new roof put on my late 1800’s barn located outside of London Ohio. Current roof is metal shingles and is starting to loosen

    32. Great Quality

      I recently took a trip to a south American country to do ministry work. As I was there, I drove into a totally different area run by a group of Amish. The quality of even the grounds upkeep was impeccable. Seeing their attention to detail and craftsmanship has given me “new eyes” and I admire them for it. Keep up the great work.

    33. Looking for roofing sub crews

      I am looking for roofers to do commercial and residential jobs in and around the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati area.

    34. Glenda Beck

      Metal roof for historic home

      I have a historic home in Morgantown, ky. I need a new metal roof authentic to the period.
      Can you help me?

    35. Loretta

      Looking for roof work

      Hi, looking for someone to raise a roof approx 2ft on an existing garage. Also looking to sell a barn and more. Columbiana county, Ohio.

    36. Allen Summy

    37. milcor roof hatch

      Thank you for giving us a direct and straight to the point answer! It greatly helped in clearing our confusion.

    38. Sam

      Thanks so much for sharing – hiring a professional roofer to build a new roof or help with a roofing replacement is a huge investment. Due diligence and looking into a roofing contractor is a must

    39. roofer in tulsa

      Hi, every day I visit a number of blog sites but I’m very happy to read your post Thanks for sharing the informative blog post about roofer in tulsa

      1. Jessa

        You could totally make one great roofing website:).

    40. Best Roof Hatches

      Excellent writing! We can take away a lot of important information from this article. Keep sharing great posts.

    41. I appreciate the way you described the whole. I bookmarked this blog so that I can read it again in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    42. Michael Steele


      Hello I need a roofer that serves Loveland, OH. Between 5 and 10 years ago I hired an Amish company from Indiana, found them at the Sharonville OH Home Show, and cannot find the paperwork to relocate them. They did good work and would like to rehire them to repair the storm damage on my barn. I would like a contact for a crew that services Loveland, OH.
      Thank you

    43. Chandra

      Need an Amish family owned metal roof company

      I need a new roof and I’m looking to have a metal roof put on asap. I am only looking for a family owned Amish company with good reviews.
      Thank you

    44. dfdfdfd



      Thanks for sharing this site here. For your roofing needs, chose those providers that offers great services at affordable price tags.

    46. Roof

      Thank you for providing us with these pieces of information. Roofings are important. Cheers!

    47. Roof

      I enjoyed reading your helpful article. Thank you for providing such a wonderful blog.

    48. Chuck Puglisi

      metal roofing

      I need an installation price for metal roofing, approximate size is 2,000sq ft, with materials and installation only. Please respond to my email

    49. Brian Zilles

      Quote for new roof/shed repair

      I am looking to get a quote for a new residential roof on a 2300 sq ft house and also total repair on an existing shed. Looking for Amish builders that perform this service in the Dayton OH area. Please respond by email to Thank you.

    50. Reed Hedrick

      Slate roof repair

      Have a 4 hip slate roof needs minor repair and all hip caps replaced, preferably with copper. Anyone near or travel to Marietta Ohio?