Do Amish Homes Have Curtains & Shutters? (Video)

One misconception that I see often enough is the idea that Amish homes don’t have curtains covering their windows. There is an idea out there that curtains signify vanity and thus Amish don’t have them. I can see the kernel of truth this may have emerged from (Amish tend to shy away from things that lead to vanity and pride), but curtains are certainly seen in Amish bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms of the home.

A related, and much more accurate, notion is that Amish homes don’t have shutters. That one is much more true – though there are some exceptions. I look into this topic, showing you some Amish home interiors (and exteriors) in this recent video. Runtime: 3:31.


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    1. Roller Blinds

      Typically here in the Antipodes those blinds are known as roller blinds or holland blinds. Why the latter I don’t know!

      1. Never heard holland blinds before, maybe the Dutch invented them?

    2. Paula


      I have believed all my life that Amish have “open” windows because they should not be hiding anything behind draperies that they wouldn’t want to be seen. Therefore no fill window coverings & why they favor lightweight curtains pulled to one side or gathered in the middle. I always liked this idea…but I like my privacy more!!! And I hate “black” windows…I have friends that have no window coverings at all & I gotta get outta there before dark!!! It scares me more to not know who’s looking in!!!