Big day

Today’s the big day.  My Amish business book is officially in stores, and if you’ve ordered, it should be shipping by now.  Many thanks!

If you enjoy it, please tell a friend.  I appreciate all the support!

Will be doing some speaking in the weeks to come, on radio and in person.  Exciting.

Also, there will be some print media coverage as well, starting with this article in today’s New York Post, “60 Seconds with Erik Wesner…” It’s a short, punchy piece in which I hit a few highlights of Amish business.

Finally, visit the official website, amishbusinessbook.com, for media links, to read an excerpt, check out an Amish business fact sheet, and other neat stuff.

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    1. I received an e-mail from Amazon saying my copy is on the way. I can’t wait to read it!


    2. Beth

      Hi Erik – SO excited for you! I’ve got the book on order so it should be here shortly. ☺

    3. Ann Whitaker

      Congratulations Erik! I’m looking forward to receiving my copy. All the best to you!

    4. Thanks everyone–it was fun to walk into a Barnes and Noble today, scribble in a bunch of books, and then leave! But I won’t try it with ones that don’t belong to me (and not without getting permission first either, which I did of course!)

    5. Debbie Feavel

      Congratulations. I look forward to geting your book and reading it!

      Gods Blessings on your new book!
      Debbie Feavel

    6. Doug

      Congratulations, Erik! Fame and fortune are sure to follow. Don’t go all rumspringa on us though. 😉

    7. Laurie

      Got your book yesterday! Love it! Only copy they had a B&N!

    8. Glen

      My copy arrived in the mail today – will start enjoying it tonight! Your blog has been a pleasure to read as well. Thanks, and best wishes!

    9. Holly

      I received the book the other day, and enjoying it very much! I am very impressed with what I have read so far! I look forward to reading more on here! Keep ut the awesome job Erik! I heard you on Amish Wisdom and I loved the interview!