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South Dakota Amish FurnitureA guide to Amish furniture in South Dakota South Dakota gained its first Amish community in 2010 when a small group settled in the southeastern corner of the state.

Though the Mount Rushmore State’s Amish roots are young, SD residents can purchase Amish furniture at a number of retail outlets within range of Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and other South Dakota locations.

South Dakota Amish furniture stores

Amish FurnitureCanyon View Amish Furniture & Gifts‎
250 US Hwy 14A
Deadwood, SD 57732-1224
(605) 578-9877‎
Rustic, contemporary, traditional, and custom-made Amish furniture.  Kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, dining room tables, chairs, bedroom sets, benches, end tables, high chairs, hutches, rocking horses gun cabinets, and more.  Amish furniture customizable by size, stain, choice of wood, more.  

Oak By Amish Etc‎
120 South Main Street
Chamberlain, SD 57325-1519
(605) 234-6737
South-central South Dakota Amish furniture seller.

Amish Oak Gallery‎
140 West Norton Avenue
Salem, SD 57058
(605) 425-2545
Amish furniture outlet 45 min outside of Sioux Falls.

For dealers of Amish furniture outside South Dakota, visit the Amish Furniture main page, a directory of listings of Amish woodworkers and Amish furniture sellers across North America.

Note to South Dakota residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances.  While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and schedules can change.  Not responsible for changes to information. 

SD Amish

Amish have settled relatively little in the Great Plains, with settlements in Kansas, Nebraska, and historically, North Dakota.  A group of Amish arrived in southeastern South Dakota in 2010, migrating from a Wisconsin Amish community to the area near Tripp in Hutchinson County.

Amish settlers to South Dakota are a conservative group.  Early reports showed good prospects for the growth of this solitary South Dakota Amish community, with positive relations established with non-Amish locals.  With the arrival of the Amish newcomers, South Dakota became the 28th state with an Amish presence.  Read more on South Dakota Amish.

Woodcraft tradition

Amish migrants to new regions may set up new farms, or in many cases, small businesses such as dry good shops, buggy outfits, or tack and harness shops.  Woodworking is another highly popular occupation for Amish.  Manual trades such as furniture making and construction are popular among Amish, who typically learn a craft in an apprentice-style fashion (Amish finish school around age 14 or 15, and typically begin their working lives officially after graduation from 8th grade).

amish furniture south dakota stores

Handcrafted Amish furniture can be found in a number of South Dakota stores

Amish furniture makers are typically small-size operations, established on a farm or in close range of the home.  Amish wood entrepreneurs may work on a solo, part-time basis, employ family members, or even Amish and non-Amish from the surrounding community.  Amish furniture shops rarely exceed 30 employees.  Owners are typically hands-on and directly involved in the construction of furniture pieces in many cases, adding to the appeal of Amish woodcraft.

Another attractive element of Amish furniture is its reputation for high quality.  This is based on a couple of factors–the skill and level of craftsmanship common among Amish, as well as the types of materials used in its construction.  Since Amish craftsmen typically learn their trades from an early age, many have extensive experience by the time the open their own shops.

Amish commonly use high quality woods as well as solid methods of construction.  Hardwoods such as maple, walnut, hickory, oak, cherry, and others are common.  Amish construct furniture from pine and cedar as well.  They are also adept at creating furniture in a range of styles, including Shaker, Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, Contemporary, Mission, and many more.

Where to buy Amish furniture in South Dakota

SD Amish furniture shoppers have a few options.  South Dakota Amish furniture stores, as listed above, provide in-state venues where Amish furniture can be viewed and in some cases custom furniture pieces can be ordered.  A number of businesses including Dutchcrafters provide Amish furniture, with delivery to South Dakota locations.  Finally, some buyers may wish to buy direct from an Amish furniture craftsman.  Though the South Dakota Amish community is limited in size, other communities are host to a number of Amish furniture craftsmen (ie neighboring states such as Iowa and Minnesota).

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