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Lancaster County has very good roads, especially compared to most of Amish America, where gravel (and the occasional dirt) roads prevail.  Every now and then you’ll find a sign like the one above, indicating an ‘unimproved’ byway–paved but bumpy, narrow and curvy.  Every road I’ve driven with a marker like this has been populated largely by Amish farms, and they are always among the most picturesque.

Ask the residents if they’d want it paved, and the answer is always a resounding ‘no’–that would mean more traffic, of course.  We’ll deal with the bumps.

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    1. Searching for Amish tradesmen to erect a timber frame barn

      I have a property only 9 mi. From Yanceyville. Looking for those folk who know how to erect a timber frame barn. Can you help me find someone?