…to The Connection Amish magazine, our newest advertiser (and a belated warm welcome to Amish goods provider Amish Workshops).

amish workshops connectionWe’ll be hearing more about both of these very interesting Amish-oriented businesses. In the meantime, you might check out a review of The Connection magazine from back in May, or this humorous yarn about Amish schoolgirl “Wisecrack Wanda”, one of a number on the Amish Workshops site.

Thanks to both Amish Workshops and The Connection for supporting the site (it’s in part thanks to them I’m able to keep Amish America running with new content 5 days a week).

And–if you’re thinking Christmas presents already (that time of year again!)–you might consider a subscription to a wholesome, family-oriented monthly Amish magazine, or a nice gift from among the many Amish-made crafts, outdoor and home items at Amish Workshops.

Amish-made cheese

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