2-State Amish Business Guide (Allegany County, NY & Potter County, PA)

This is an interesting online Amish business guide for several reasons (guide link has been removed at Salamanca Press). First, it is very nicely done in an online “booklet” format. It features about two dozen businesses, of which around 20 appear to be Amish-owned.

In addition to the ads, there are photos, info on the Amish and even some writings from Amish residents of the area.

Another noteworthy thing is that it features communities in more than one state, both New York and Pennsylvania. Looking at the business ads, these are communities with addresses around Ulysses and Genesee, PA (Potter County) and from the neighboring county across the border in New York, Allegany (including the towns of Wellsville, Whitesville, and Fillmore, NY).

According to the Amish settlement listing there is a three-district community around Ulysses, PA, and several settlements in Allegany County, including at Wellsville and another at Fillmore.

So it appears that this was a publication targeted at promoting the region’s Amish population’s businesses, spread across at least three communities. I don’t know if these communities are related to one another, but they may be. Somewhat confusingly, some informational text in the guide makes reference to “NY’s Amish Trail“, which is the branding associated with another nearby region (Cattaraugus County area).

Some of the photos included show scenes with homes resembling those of the Swartzentruber Amish. Other photos are clearly not from that group, as the buggies carry the orange SMV triangle. So I am curious as to who these Amish communities are, and if they aren’t from a variety of backgrounds.

The businesses themselves are of interest as well. Among them we’ve got:

  • a variety store and a “country store”
  • several lumber businesses
  • basket maker
  • harness shop
  • butchering services
  • building materials
  • one business selling animal feeds & maple syrup
  • storage sheds
  • greenhouse
  • horseshoeing (aka farrier)

This is a nice array of Amish businesses representing a good range of businesses common to the Amish. I notice there aren’t any furniture makers among the listings, or construction companies, however, which are two major Amish industries absent from this guide (though likely, not absent from the communities in question).

This publication joins another New York Amish business map (Livingston County), with about three dozen Amish businesses listed. And now I’ve just realized I’ve never done a post on the Amish Trail guide, which has close to 200 Amish businesses, so stay tuned for that.

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    1. ICLEI

      The people of Allegheny County should know that Allegheny County is completely ubder.ICLEI which is local Agebda 21

    2. Pat Monti

      5 Jobs Done By Amish Women

      Great job, Erik! IMO you definitely selected the top 5. Looking forward to future videos. 🙂

      1. Thank you Pat! I could actually probably do a part 2 pretty easily given all the things Amish women do. Anyway, there should be another video out tomorrow 🙂

        1. Pat Monti

          2-State Amish Business Guide

          Erik, you’re welcome. As you know, I’m not an Amish woman; but even as an English woman I do a lot and appreciate the sentiment. I’m looking forward to your next video and all of those to come. You’ll be an expert at it before you know it!

    3. These are interesting stories since the English are fairly ignorant of our Amish friends and find the informative articles full of several facts or discussion points to be helpful in enlightening us, who are not Amish. For myself, I can say I look forward to all the news on the lifestyle of the folks who are our neighbors who surround us in Rexford city, Lincoln County, Montana, West of the Mississippi River, North of the Kootenai River and bound on our East by the large Kookanusa Lake. Everything is fascinating, educational and enjoyable so we can grow in knowledge and understanding to improve our lives and grow also in our hearts ♥️ to love them. Thank you to all who contribute to this volume. May Jesus our LORD bless each of us so that we can bless each others lives. Also to equip us to do right for each of us. In Jesus Christ our LORD’s name, Amen. God bless each of us who know Him.

    4. Truth Seekers

      Since the 1960’s I have been interested and have studied “Comparative Religions” and have used the title “Truth Seekers” because that is the needful part of that study. With God’s Word as the foundation for all truth and the Holy Spirit as Helper, we are led to the Truth. One of the past discussions has been between Christians and JW’s. That could leave one to be troubled by the snare from a false belief, unless our hearts are guarded by Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Knowing the Bible is important and being guarded with the Shield , Breastplate, etc. are surely necessary to know the Truth. We cannot be deceived if we are equipped. Study God’s Word. Don’t let anyone put a snare by your feet. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and He shall direct your path. Thank you for allowing my input to this forum. God bless and protect our hearts against all false teaching. Seek Truth and find it in Jesus Christ and His Holy Word. Amen.

    5. Norma Resetarits


      Erik, how do I get a copy of this publication? We have been looking for a map of Amish businesses in Catt and Allegheny counties.