Earlier this week I let you know about the Journal of Plain Anabaptist Communities (JPAC), a new open-source scholarly publication. But what about publications produced by the Amish?

While scholarly journals provide a different and valuable perspective, it’s also nice to read writings direct from Amish writers. And there is a wide and growing range of such periodicals. Some of these are pretty well-known, while others are focused on niche subjects and groups.

The Young Center Amish Studies website features a list of 17 such Amish publications. Several on the list I’ve featured here on the site before, including The Connection, Rainbows & Sunshine, Family Life, and Life’s Special Sunbeams.  These periodicals are generally published weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Some of them might be of interest to non-Amish readers looking for wholesome Christian-based reading material.

You’ll find the full list and contact info for them at the link. I’ve selected a half-dozen from their list of 17 to share with you below:

Plain Interests. A monthly magazine featuring short articles on farming, health practices, life experiences, and spiritual reflections. Its perspective is slanted toward organic farming and alternative medicine. Most writers are Amish, but Old Order Mennonites write occasionally. There is also a “Letters to the Editor” section, where reader can respond to articles. (420 Weaver Road, Millersburg, OH 17061)

Little Red Hen News. A quarterly woman’s magazine written and edited by Amish women with some Old Order Mennonite women contributors. It features short articles–often in the form of letters from readers–on household tips, gardening, and childrearing, as well as short stories and poetry. (606 Butter Road, Marion, KY 42064)

Plain Communities Business Exchange. A monthly newspaper for Old Order businesses with articles, ads, and a calendar of business-related events. (420 Weaver Road Millersburg, PA 17061; 717-692-2499; plaincommunities.com)

Life’s Special Sunbeams. A monthly magazine featuring stories by parents of special needs children, as well as a regular questions-and-answers column and a Teacher’s Reflections section. Also available in a Braille edition. (850 S. Custer Ave., New Holland, PA 17557)

The Diary. A monthly correspondent magazine with reports from scribes in many Amish settlements as well as sections on weddings, births, deaths, and accidents and other special columns. (P.O. Box 88, Kirkwood, PA 17536)

Pilgrim’s Pathway. A New Order Amish bimonthly publication promoting biblical standards for home, church, and school. (Heritage Publishers, 2991 CR 114, Sugarcreek, OH 44681)

Find the full list here.

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