A couple of readers have sent along a link to a short news clip about Amish aiding residents of a mobile home park in Buffalo.

As you can see in the video below, photos show Amishmen hard at work on the roofs of residents’ homes (I assume this past Friday or Saturday).

Buffalo, of course, was hit by a once-in-a-generation snowstorm last week, dumping an incredible 7-plus feet of snow on parts of the area.

This resulted in over a dozen lives lost, collapsed roofs, driving bans, and the local team’s NFL game being displaced to Detroit.

Now as temperatures rise, the area has braced for flooding, which forecasters say could be a concern through Wednesday morning.

One of the readers suggests the Amish might be from Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties, home to over half a dozen different Amish communities.

Amish engage in various outreach efforts (see our look at the Amish and mission and charity work), and are particularly active in response to natural disasters.

Here’s hoping folks in Buffalo get some relief this Thanksgiving week, thanks to the efforts of all volunteers across the region.

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