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    Favorite Amish Foods Peanutbutter whip…church spread…whatever you call it, it’s crazy amazing! …

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    Amish Raw Milk Diane,

    Check out They list by state where you can get raw milk. California has quite a few listings! We’re moving to San Diego this summer and this was one of the first things I checked. …

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    Which Bible do the Amish use? You can get a Luther Bible through or go ask your local Christian bookstore if they can order it for you. Quite a few pop up in our database at the bookstore where I work.

    Crossway Publishers has a …

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    What are Amish burial practices? What about cremation? I’m guessing the Amish don’t use cremation as a burial option since I didn’t see it mentioned in this or the other posts. …

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    Amish and Old Christmas Epiphany: Feast of Lights We celebrate Epiphany in the Episcopal Church. The service at my church is always very nice. We do a feast of lights–as the scripture is read recounting the Biblical story from Creation to Christ, candles on the altar …

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