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    Do Amish vaccinate their children? (December 23rd, 2013 at 09:02)

    This article might seem nice but it’s not remotely true. I’m from rural Pennsylvnaia with huge Amish community nearby. My mom worked with the USDA for a while and she said the Amish have some of the worst code violations because they use tons and tons of chemicals in their food production. Nothing they do is “natural” or “organic” in terms of what goes into their food (they’re inspected for the food they produce, package and sell). Also there is no record keeping of autism in the Amish community. They don’t go to modern doctors so their children don’t get diagnosed. That said, though they avoid doctors for most ailments, many of their children DO get vaccinated.
    Also, as was mentioned above in the comments, they shop at Walmart and modern grocery stores. They often live without electricity in their homes (not true in their factory style farms), so preserved junk food is really common.
    They DO lead simplier lives, and seem very much at peace and happy. However, they don’t live any longer, and sometimes shorter lives, because of the hard labor and lack of medical care

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      ?? (December 23rd, 2013 at 13:14)


      Hanna, I’m not sure what you mean by your first line about this article being “not remotely true”. The gist of the article here is that Amish do vaccinate but not at the same rate the general public does, for a number of reasons, and is supported by a number of sources.

      Your comment is interesting but seems to be about a variety of topics, many of which are not addressed here. Is it possible your comment was intended for a different article?

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