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    linda saul
    Do all Amish farm? (November 10th, 2010 at 16:11)

    I live in Ontario and we see less and less farms everyyear. 150 acre farms are now being divided up into subdivisions. Any young person starting out today to farm has to get a day job as well. I think it is a shame. When my Father was alive he was what they called a gentleman farmer, he farmed 150 acres with modest equipment, he didn’t need the biggest and the best tractors etc, that you could buy. And he made a good comfortable living. I feel sorry for the Amish because it is the greedy ones that have made it so hard for them to continue living their peaceful life, doing what they want to do FARM

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    Greg Miller
    Decline of Farming (May 10th, 2011 at 13:36)

    Decline of Farming

    I am alarmed when I see condos and townhouses on what was once farmland. I notice more and more every time I visit the environs north of Reading near Kutztown, Virginville, Topton, Krumsville, etc.

    I did read where the “green” movement would start returning people to the farm and I know personally, relatives, who are actually joining a coop in a reduce carbon footprint venture that reminds me of the communes of the 60s.

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