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    Comment on Great idea (July 30th, 2018 at 19:10)

    Great idea

    First I want to thank you for these emails they are very informative. I have always been interested in how the Amish live their lives, I love it. This money is going to help them make their children’s lives a whole lot better, it doesn’t really matter where it’s coming from, it’s for the children.

  • I have an Old Order friend who was paralyzed when he was a boy. His church allows him to use an electric golf-cart to get around as it’s so difficult for him to get into his buggy, and his home has a solar-powered elevator in it.

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    Comment on Why in this case? (July 31st, 2018 at 08:40)

    Why in this case?

    The first thing I thought was, why not hold a benefit auction as they do for any high medical expense? I guess we can’t know why they compromised their beliefs unless someone interviews the family or their leader. I for one would be interested in their thinking on this.

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    Comment on There are always exceptions (July 31st, 2018 at 15:25)

    There are always exceptions

    While the Amish seldom accept outside aid, I still remember how after the terrible school shootings some years ago the Amish families, after consultations with their bishops, decided to accept funds collected by patrons of their markets around the D.C. area for the enormous hospital bills of the survivors. As I recall, they decided it wasn’t right to not allow their non-Amish patrons the gift of assisting. In the end, I know the collection came to hundreds of thousands of dollars, all collected by the patrons after obtaining permission from the bishops. I was incredibly moved by both the patrons’ generosity and the bishops’ acceptance of it.

    So there are special circumstances where outside help is accepted. I suspect that for severely disabled children, exceptions are more easily made.

  • Whilst we are on the topic of Amish transport, have you seen this? https://wwmt.com/news/local/amish-man-starts-uber-ride-service-with-his-horse-and-buggy With regards to the state funding the special needs buggy, I’m not exactly a “big government” person, but I am very glad these folks are getting help.

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    Terry from Wisc
    Comment on Amish Family With Special Needs Children To Get State Funds For Custom Buggy (August 4th, 2018 at 20:53)

    Hi Erik,
    This was a good read.
    Amish friends of ours have a son with CP and he is now 20 years old. I haven’t seen their son in a few years and wonder now how they get him in the buggy. Benny went to kindergarten in public school which surprised me. OT, PT and speech therapy all came out to the farm to get their plan in order. The school bus driver came out to meet Benny and did a dry run to see how it would all go. Mom bought him a swimming suit so he could go into the pool for PT.

    After school had been in session for a few months, I stopped to visit. I asked Benny’s mom how it was going with their new scholar and she said it was going just fine. Then I commented, All your worry was for nothing, and she agreed. To take an Amish child to an environment that is totally new to him would certainly be scary. So, for a while Benny had a foot in both worlds.

    In all of this I have to praise the school and community for their outreach to help a special needs child from an Amish community. and the parents were ok with it. In some Budget letters I will read about schools for “God’s special children”.

    So Erik, I’m still waiting for your visit to Wisc so we can go Amishing!

    Safe in Christ,

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