Who’d have guessed?

News flash from the Amish of southern Ontario:  exercise more, and you’ll be thinner.

It turns out that walking and working work wonders for the overweight.  According to an NYT article, researchers found virtually no obesity within a Canadian Amish settlement.  Eyewitness reports attest to similarly slim-and-trim Amish in communities all across America.

This despite one of the heartiest, fattiest, just-like-grandma-used-to-make type diets you can find anywhere.  Ever tried Amish fried bologna?  Amish peanut butter?  Heaven-sent, yes, but calorie-heavy is an understatement.

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    4. Paul A.B.

      The thing with wider society is perhaps less about the calories that people take in, than it is about a sometimes mindless addiction to convenience. For too long, North Americans have treated convenience as king. It has its price.