What’s your favorite Amish community?

amish community ny

This question got a lot of interesting responses on the Amish America Facebook page this weekend.

Four years ago, I wrote about my top 5 Amish settlements.  Is that post still valid?

Since then, I’ve visited around 20 more communities.  But I’d say yes–with maybe one or two changes.

So what’s your favorite Amish community?

For ‘bonus points’, tell us why!

NY Amish photo: las-initially

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  1. Jennifer

    The one and only I’ve ever visited, because I live close to it: Evansville/Albany/Brodhead, WI.

  2. Plain Lady

    Salen, In
    I use to be a member there. Soem great people there.

  3. Matthew

    Which Community in Salem?

    Hi Plain Lady,

    If you don’t mind my asking, which community in Salem were you a part of? We’ve visited that area with some frequency – its also one of my favorites because of the natural beauty and the friendliness of the people in Washington County.

    For those who aren’t familiar, there are four Amish groups in Washington County – the Swiss Amish on the East side (which is growing), the New Order Amish on the West Side (off of Washington School Road, but in decline), and then some Schwartzentrubers (perhaps) around Pumpkin Center to the west of the New Order Group. There’s also another small Amish district up near the Mascatatuck River, and the Holdeman Mennonite Church over on Hardinsburg Livonia Road.


  4. Lance


    Plain Lady and her family were part of the West Washington/Rosebud New Order. The Pumpkin Center/Bromer group is conservative Old Order. The Swartzentrubers are over by Orleans, Orangeville, & Mitchell. They are separate groups but are friendly towards each other as long as the Swartzentrubers don’t smoke. The Vallonia group, north of Salem, fell apart and is now complete gone, as are the Old Order buggy Mennonites who never had more than 4 families anyways(they were on Saltillo Rd between Livonia and Saltillo). The Holdermans are thriving.

    Have a nice Sunday,


    1. Plain Lady

      Hi, Just now getting around to letting you know that I was part of the New order group on West Washington Rd. The community went through a shake up several years ago but now everything has settled down and there are several families that have moved in and replaced some that have left. When I was there in March the church house was full and from all the sound of all the babies crying, I would say that the community is thriving.

  5. Matthew

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if I knew/know Plain Lady? We used to frequent the Rosebud store/restaurant when it was open, and almost bought a house in that area next the sawmill. A number of New Order families have moved – the area just isn’t the same as it once was since they left. We were last in the area in March and stopped by the Bulk Food Store on 56 and the salvage grocery in Rosebud.

    As for the Vallonia group, we had looked at a property there about a year ago, and there were still Amish working the fields over on Old Babe Road. Remnants, or are they gone now as well?

    Thanks for setting me straight on the group in Pumpkin Center :-).

    Enjoy your week.

  6. Julie Turner

    Amish in Australia

    Yes, its great to have the plain churches arriving in Australia.
    There is now an Amish mennonite church in Queensland and an Anabaptist church in Tasmania. it is wonderful to have them here.

  7. Wow, Julie, that is news to me. Nice to hear that. Out of curiosity, how Plain are they?

  8. Julie Turner

    How palin are they

    Hi Erik,
    As far as I know, The Australian Amish Mennonite church come under the Beachy Amish banner.
    So the men and women dress plain with coverings, but they drive cars and have electricity.
    I know the Minister and his wife, and they are just wonderful people, and doing a great job here in oz.
    You can check them out for yourself if you like.
    Just google Australian Christian brotherhood.

    1. Naomi

      aussie mennonites

      Hello Julie, we know them aswell, we go to the church.

  9. Primitive Christianity

    The group in Tasmania is probably Rocky Cape Christian Community (google it). It is a mission outreach from Elmendorf Community in Minnesota.

  10. Jessica G.

    I have heard of a couple of communal Anabaptist groups in Australia and New Zealand. Rocky Cape was one but there was another – not Hutterite, in fact from what I was reading none of them come from plain backgrounds at all. They live much like the Hutterites do here but are more focused on evangelism. I wish I could remember the name so I could find the website again. It was very interesting.

    1. Trevor

      New Zealand Community

      Drury Church in Drury New Zealand outside Ackland

  11. david frey

    where are the amish chuches in qld?

    my family go back to 1542 in bern switzerland mennonites are inmy family since arriving in ohio usa about 1740,s eli and jacob frey where rev .s pastors in ohio my great uncles i would like know more about the mennonites in qld australia , can anyone help me? i live in boronia heights logan councial,qld . is there achurch in qld? cheers david frey

  12. Linda

    Queensland, Australia

    David, yes, as Julie mentioned above, there is an Amish Mennonite church in Queensland, Australia, under the name of Australian Christian Brotherhood. The address is 4 Tin Can Bay Road,
    Gympie, Queensland 4570
    phone (07) 5483 7741

  13. Claire

    i live in the fremont, michigan area, and i was wondering if the amish in this area are old order or somthing else. could someone please tell me if they know? i’ve wanted to know for some time, but thought it would be rude to ask one of my amish friends.

  14. claire

    oh yeah, fremont, michigan is my favorite amish community.

  15. Claire c

    oh yeah, fremont michigan is my favorite community

    1. garrett

      what's your favorite Amish comunity?

      I love Middlebury Indiana.

  16. Greg Wright

    Favorite Amish Community

    As I live in Ontario, Canada my favourite community is Millbank area north of Kitchener/Waterloo area west of Toronto. I love the fact that there are tourists but not too many. I introduced my wife to some of my friends this spring. We have horses so we do business with some of the people up there and also buy some other products as well. It is a thriving community with tons of things to see and do including the Amish school sale held in July after the 1st cut of hay is off and the cereal crops are still growing.

    The amish and old order Mennonites up here in Canada still allow you to come into their farms if your looking to do some agricutural business. As we buy gates,harness,leather,etc from them we get to see things others don’t usually get to see. They’re people just like us and we forget sometimes what it’s like to “gawked” at all the time. If you have ever caught someone staring at you, you know what I mean. If you ever get to Toronto make sure you take a trip to amish country North of Kitchener/Waterloo-you will not be disappointed.

    1. Lee Ann

      What's your favourite Amish community

      Hi Greg Wright!
      I live in Ontario as well, and wish to go up to the Milverton area, but don’t really know what roads/Amish stores/etc. to see. Any suggestions? Are the Amish clustered in a particular area? Are there stores/shops run by Amish I could go to? Planning a trip up there this summer, and any suggestions would be helpful.
      Lee Ann

  17. Mark

    Marion KY! I grew up there as a young boy, and became a member when I was 18.Many fond memories.

  18. Guy

    We Now Have Amish living in Columbiana, Ohio

    I live in The town of Columbiana, Ohio
    There is a lot of Mennonites Here
    Now We have a new community Amish people living near me about 6 miles from me
    In New Waterford Ohio
    How about that 🙂 I have seen No buggy in my town yet
    There is one of the biggest flea market in the Usa in rogers Ohio
    http://www.rogersohio.com/ They could sell there

  19. Guy

    good to read


  20. David Grear

    Delano,Tennessee Amish...

    The Delano Community is in a Beautiful setting in a Valley near the Hiwassee River and with a Grand view of the Mountains (Cherokee National Forrest)… I have lots of images of the Community that I could share… Need a Place here where they could be posted…

    1. David, sounds very nice. Just drop me an email at , we might be able to feature them in an upcoming post.

  21. Jennie

    my favorite Amish community

    I live about 1/2 an hour from the Kenton, Larue, OHIO area Amish. I love visiting the little bake shops they have scattered through out the area. I believe they are Old Order Amish. I found the most delicious Apple Cream pie that Ida Bontrager (on route 265) makes. And the Mast Kitchen on route 190 also had a host of baked goods for sale.

    1. Tiffany

      Mary’s bakery

      So good to see someone else that enjoys this area! Have you ever been to Mary’s bakery? She’s a very lovely lady that has a small shop on her son in laws property (she lives in the back of their house) she sells baked goods,cheeses,jerky and some homemade things. I can’t think of what road it’s on but it’s near Kenton

  22. tyler silvis

    my favorite amish places

    my farvorite amish place is mont ida, Ks it is a small rural town near garnett, Ks

  23. Trevor
  24. My favorite community are the Amish in the Lancaster, PA area

    For many, many years we travel to Lancaster, PA where there are many Amish
    communities who have beautiful farms. While we don’t get to know the Amish well we do get to talk with them as we purchase items from them. We have many Amish communities in New York State but they are more isolated and their is less interaction. WE travel each year to Amish country whee the pace of life help put things into perspective. The Amish family is strong and a good example and the modern age with all its problems has not the great damage it is doing to our society. They practice what they believe.

  25. Philip

    I think the Amish in Lancaster are my favorite Amish community, I have make an annual visit and find it a wonderful place to visit. The opportunity to
    interact with the Amish is very limited but I understand the reasons

  26. Martha

    What's your favorite Amish community? Ethridge, Tennessee... about 8 years later

    Hi! I’m so thankful to have found your blog! I have been interested in learning about the Plain People for years.

    Just this summer I moved to Lawrence County, Tennessee for a new job. Just a few days after moving into my apartment I learned I was smack dab in the middle of Southern Amish Territory…Ethridge, Tennessee. I was blessed to visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania several years ago during the fall and it is beautiful there. It was a wonderful trip, but I’ll have to say that Ethridge is my favorite Amish community. So much so, I’m hoping to find a home in the midst of their farmsteads. A sweet family sets up their buggy at an intersection I come through going home from work. I can pick up delicious produce each afternoon.The children help me load my purchases and are feeling more comfortable interacting with me. It’s home for me here.

    Thank you for what you do. I’ve learned more by reading your blog than any of the books I have read or places I have visited. Blessings!

    1. Martha, I’m glad you found us! This is an 8-year-old post but I’m happy it still gets comments, always curious which communities people have been to and like. Those are both really interesting communities. I’ve only been to Ethridge once, but to Lancaster County many times. Very different places but gives you a good picture of the differences across the Amish.

  27. Just something cute


  28. Virginia

    New Wilmington PA

    I spent many summers while growing up in New Wilmington, PA . I like the community in and around this area.