There are two Amish auctions I’d like to bring to your attention, both scheduled for September 5th. The first, in Seymour, Missouri, Iowa, is the 11th annual school benefit auction. We can see from the sale bill (partially pictured below; full version here) that this sale has a pretty extensive list of items as well as animals for sale. Start time is 8:30AM, quilts on sale about 11, and machinery at 2pm. Come early if you’d like breakfast (“Amish ladies serving Pancake Breakfast 7-9AM”). You can also get lunch of course.

Among the items for sale in the “Buggys & Carts” section, I came across a listing for a “Studebaker Doctors Buggy”. You might know the Studebaker name from automobiles of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, but in their earlier existence they were one of the world’s largest makers of horse-drawn vehicles. From what I have found this appears to be a model made in the late 1800s and early 1900s and perhaps beyond that. I’ve never seen an Amish person driving one of these, but looks like a nice collectible.

The second auction takes place in Milroy, Indiana. This is the 67th “semi-annual” school auction for that community of four churches. I assume semi-annual means it runs more than once a year (the Milroy Amish settlement has only been around since the late 1960s, so that would make sense). In this case, the organizers have put out a call to the public for consignment items. The usual things you’d expect will be up for sale, but what was interesting to me were the items the organizers say they don’t want:

Items not being accepted include electrical kitchen appliances, no computers, no rubber tires off rims, no TVs, no little animals and organizers reserve the right to reject any consignment item of little value.

I can see why they might not want to sell a TV or computer at an Amish auction. I’m not quite sure what qualifies as a “little animal” but I assume that means non-livestock animals…you probably shouldn’t try to consign a fresh litter of kittens. Also interesting that “no rubber tires off rims” is specifically mentioned.

If you’d like to attend this auction, it is happening Saturday, September 5th at 2102 W. 900 S., Milroy, beginning at 9AM. Consignments are mostly being accepted the Thursday and Friday before. More details at the link.

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