I have mixed feelings about drones. I’m generally not a fan of these flying cameras, but admit that they can capture some amazing footage.

One example would be this two-minute video flying over Amish farms in Lancaster County.

Someone recently did a drone video in Amish Ohio and shared it to YouTube. The machine does capture some beautiful aerial images.

About 100 seconds in, you’ll see an Amishman who tries to “catch” the drone. He is clearly enjoying the experience.

A second Amishman later in the clip also seems to be smiling.

It’s this second video that I’m less sure about. This drone flies over a group of people (looks like a mixed Amish and English group), including some Amish children, ice fishing in New York.

I find something creepy about taking footage with a flying device which enters others’ space while personally being far away (though it’s possible this might be someone from the group operating the drone).

Image by Dan Oshier

That and something about the way drones move and sound gives me a touch of the heebie-jeebies (something similar to how I feel around those massive wind farm turbines).

The children in this video seem puzzled, to use the first word that comes to mind.  What do you think?

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